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What off the beaten path websites do you visit regularly?

June 30th, 2010 Comments off

Someone asked me recently what my favorite website was. It’s an interesting question really because I rarely have time to use the web as entertainment.

To me the question implies that industry related sites don’t count. I’m also discounting the must visit sites like Google, Facebook and your favorite news site.

So my question to you is, what sites do you visit regularly that are off the beaten path?

Personally, I love the site I regularly use the tips and tricks that I learn from that site.

My two favorite blogs are Seth Godin’s and Fred Wilson’s.

Honestly, I could use some recommendations. After 15 years of starring into the net, I’ve really not done much actual surfing, crazy as that sounds.

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How Much Is XXX.Com Worth Now? We Are About To Find Out, As It Hits The Auction Block At DomainFest

June 30th, 2010 Comments off

Certainly nothing has been in the domain news, even the general news much more in the past few days than the tenative approval of the .XXX extension by ICANN.

Beyond the ICM registry who owns the .XXX TLD, the biggest other beneficiary very well maybe the owner of

Now you will have the chance to be that guy, the owner of because that domain is hitting the auction block at Domainfest New York on August 18th.

The reserve price is stated to be in excess of $5 Million Dollars.

No doubt that the value of the domain grew once .XXX registry got its tentative approval.

The ICM registry has approximately $10 Million invested in the .XXX registry to date and promises to heavily promote the .XXX extension once final approval is given by ICANN which should occur sometime this year.

You would think this domains traffic, which is already considerable will grow substantially once the .XXX registry rolls out.

On the negative side, the ICM registry has spent approximately $10 Million in getting the entire .XXX registry to date and we don’t know what the actual number is.

Also owning does not give you any rights to getting XXX.XXX and no one knows how much traffic will be diverted in the future from adult .com sites to .XXX sites.

It’s certainly the most timely domain in the 200 Million +, universe of domain registrations and it will be VERY interesting to if the domain sells, if it does,  how much it will sell for and again if it sells who the buyer will be.

We will keep our eye on this one.


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Registrars To Increase Domain Prices Tomorrow

June 30th, 2010 Comments off

Today (30 June 2010) is your last chance to buy or renew .com and .net domain names at existing prices.

As of tomorrow, your favorite registrars will increase .com and .net Read more » Related posts:

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  3. – tomorrow’s gas, today’s prices
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Moniker Sells Slots.Ca for an Amount “In Excess of $200K”

June 30th, 2010 Comments off just informed me, that hot on the heals of the sale of for an amount in excess of $5.5M they have brokered the sale of the domain name, Slots.CA for “an amount in excess of $200,000.”

The buyer was not disclosed but this marks yet another six figure sale by Monte and his team in this year.

The next big even up for Moniker will be a one day DomainFest Event in New York on August 18th.

I have seen a few domains that will be up for auction at that event, and it may wind up being the best list of domains ever offered for auction.

I will have a blog a later tonight about a couple of the heavyweight domains that will be offered.


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Adult Tradeshow Operator Sues A Competitor Over 19 Domain Names, Seeking $1.9 Million

June 30th, 2010 Comments off

According to, the parent company of the Exxxotica adult trade show filed suit against a competing adult-consumer show operator Adultcon, claiming that its owner is squatting on 19 domain names.

The complaint, was filed Tuesday at U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

There is currently a annual show for Exxxotica Miami Beach,  a Exxxotica New Jersey and a new adult show to be held in Los Angeles in July.

Adultcon is holding its 19th annual adult show in Los Angeles in September which is simply called Adultcon.

Adultcon also is hosting an adult show in Las Vegas in November.

In the complaint, Exxxotica said that registered its name with the U.S. Copyright Office in 2008 and that Adultcon operators “intended to divert customers … for commercial gain and with the intent to tarnish or disparage the mark by creating a likelihood of confusion as to the source, sponsorship, affiliation and endorsement of the infringing sites.”

Interestingly enough the domain name, is being directed to an adult site and does not appear to be owned by the trademark holder.

Exxxotica counsel claims Adultcon’s operator registered similar-sounding website names on Jan. 15, just months before Exxxotica announced it would be rolling out a show in Los Angeles.

The domain names at issues in the  are:,,,,,,,,;;,,,,,,, and

Each of the 19 domain names currently redirect to

The suit seeks not more than damages $100,000 for each alleged cybersquatted domain name

A few days ago in response to a blog post I wrote about that .XXX wasn’t just for adult sites,  a commentator asked what was the trademark protection afforded to adult sites.  I answered the same as for non-adult sites.

Maybe Adultcon should have read that post.


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French Regulators Cite Google For “Lack Of Transparency” Over Keyword Advertising & Give Then 4 Months

June 30th, 2010 Comments off

France’s antitrust regulator accused Google on Wednesday of a “lack of transparency” over its keyword advertising service and ordered it to clarify conditions for the product within four months.

The Autorite de la Concurrence was responding to a complaint filed by a French data services company Navx in February, which alleged the world’s top search engine had abused its dominant position by canceling Navx’s AdWords contract.

“Google has implemented the content policy of its AdWords service in a way which lacks objectivity and transparency,  the regulator said in a statement seen by Reuters in Brussels.

It told the Google to clarify over the next four months the procedures resulting in the suspension of an advertiser’s account.

Google can appeal to the French courts against the interim measures.

If the French think there is lack of transparency over keyword advertising, they should see what info Google gives us when they make payment.


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