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Is Getting into The Ticket Biz? Checkout These 3 New Domain Registrations

December 1st, 2015 Comments off registered three very interesting domain names yesterday that may indicate a new business for the company. Amazon registered the domain names & and yesterday through the brand protection company and domain name registrar, This might indicate that Amazon might be getting into the ticket business to maybe take on […]

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Amazon in pursuit of 76 new gTLD’s; .BOOK, .CLOUD, .MAIL, .NEWS and more..

June 13th, 2012 Comments off

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) through it’s Luxembourg based subsidiary Amazon EU S.à r.l. is pursuing 76 new domain extensions., the world’s largest online retailer has selected Neustar (NYSE: NSR) as the provider of back-end registry services for all of it’s new gTLD’s, it was revealed earlier today during ICANN’s press event in London, UK.

Neustar has emerged as the largest registry services provider for new gTLD’s, we learned just the other day. Amazon surely wanted the best infrastructure and support for their ambitious new gTLD’s, and that they will get with a relationship with Virginia based Neustar Inc, who is a leader in the field.

Amazon New gTLD's

Amazon’s applications for all of the top-level domains, which cost $185,000/each in just ICANN fees alone, were processed and submitted successfully by London based Valideus, a gTLD consulting & registry management company, and it’s sister company Com Laude, a boutique domain name registrar and management company.

Amazon turned out to be the 3rd single largest applicant for new gTLD’s, behind domain start-up’ Donuts Inc. 307 applications, and search giant Google — which submitted 101 total, which put it at the #2 spot.

Amazon has applied for 11 IDN (internationalized) domain names. Their script codes are: 1 in hans, 3 in hani and the remaining 7 in kana. Below you can find the list.

  1. .xn--jlq480n2rg translates to Amazon
  2. .xn--fct429k translates to Consumer Electronics
  3. .xn--gk3at1e translates to Online Shopping
  4. .xn--jvr189m translates to Food
  5. .xn--cckwcxetd translates to Amazon
  6. .xn--gckr3f0f translates to Cloud
  7. .xn--cck2b3b translates to Store
  8. .xn--1ck2e1b translates to Sale
  9. .xn--bck1b9a5dre4c translates to Fashion
  10. .xn--eckvdtc9d translates to Point
  11. .xn--rovu88b translates to Book

The remaining 65 top-level domain names (see the list after the jump) that Amazon has applied for are your standard English based letters that need no further explanation.

  1. .AMAZON
  2. .APP
  4. .AUTHOR
  5. .AWS
  6. .BOOK
  7. .BOT
  8. .BOX
  9. .BUY
  10. .CALL
  11. .CIRCLE
  12. .CLOUD
  13. .COUPON
  14. .DEAL
  15. .DEV
  16. .DRIVE
  17. .FAST
  18. .FIRE
  19. .FREE
  20. .GAME
  21. .GOT
  22. .GROUP
  23. .HOT
  24. .IMDB
  25. .JOT
  26. .JOY
  27. .KIDS
  28. .KINDLE
  29. .LIKE
  30. .MAIL
  31. .MAP
  32. .MOBILE
  33. .MOI
  34. .MOVIE
  35. .MUSIC
  36. .NEWS
  37. .NOW
  38. .PAY
  39. .PIN
  40. .PLAY
  41. .PRIME
  42. .READ
  43. .ROOM
  44. .SAFE
  45. .SAVE
  46. .SEARCH
  47. .SECURE
  48. .SHOP
  49. .SHOW
  50. .SILK
  51. .SMILE
  52. .SONG
  53. .SPOT
  54. .STORE
  55. .TALK
  56. .TUNES
  57. .TUSHU
  58. .VIDEO
  59. .WANGGOU
  60. .WOW
  61. .YAMAXUN
  62. .YOU
  63. .YUN
  64. .ZAPPOS
  65. .ZERO


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Valideus and Com Laude help Amazon, Yahoo and other big brands apply for their own TLDs

June 13th, 2012 Comments off

London based Valideus, a gTLD consulting & registry management company, and it’s sister company Com Laude (boutique domain registrar) announced today that they assisted 19 clients, all of them brand owners — to apply for 121 new top-level domains. This is just over 6% of the total of 1,930 completed applications received by ICANN. It was revealed that Valideus’ biggest client is Amazon, who we learned earlier today has applied for 76 new TLD’s, many for generic strings such as .BOOK, .MOVIE and .VIDEO just to name a few.

Valideus Com Laude New Domains

Clients of Valideus include global leaders in the fields of banking, consultancy, energy, fashion, insurance, luxury goods, media, software and telecommunications. According to the company, advantages identified by their clients that led them to apply fall into four areas:

  1. Protection of intellectual property/competitive advantage
  2. Communication benefits: one globally applicable, shorter domain, instantly recognizable
  3. A desire for greater security, moving away from unstable third party registries and taking control to ensure visibility on the internet is in their hands
  4. A platform for innovation: with the “Internet of Things” following hard on the age of mobile, domain name servers at the root of the internet offer many possibilities

Other big companies/brands which used Valideus gTLD and brand application services include Nokia, Yahoo!, HSBC, and KPMG. Valideus has emerged as one of the most active companies in the new gTLD space. Little was known about them, until today.

About Valideus

Valideus was formed to provide dedicated services and recommend technology solutions to brand owners seeking to launch their own domain. Although Valideus may support other types of registry applicant, its focus is upon corporations who wish to put their brands in the browser.

The company was created by Nick Wood and Lorna Gradden, the directors of ICANN accredited registrar Com Laude. The Valideus executive team have extensive experience and credentials relevant to the new gTLD process.

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