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Is Apple Inc. Getting Ready To Use It’s New .apple gTLD Domain Extension?

September 18th, 2015 Comments off
Apple Inc. has registered 29 new .com domain names and looking at the list, the domains look a little "odd" but consider the fact that Apple Inc. has applied for the new gTLD .apple and things may make a lot more sense. We break it down for you here!

Explore Seven Years of Cool Apple Products with

March 8th, 2012 Comments off

We’ve previously described how can be an incredibly useful tool for researching a
domain name before you decide whether to buy it, but we sometimes find it’s just great fun too.

With an archive of screen captures dating back seven years or more for many popular sites, it can be fascinating to dive back into the history of  the web and remind yourself just how quickly technology trends have changed our online lives.

As a relatively new convert to the world of Apple products, I recently used to delve back into the mists of time to see what treasures has offered over the time since the company’s return, circa 2004, from over a decade in the wilderness of the Microsoft-dominated PC era.

Apple has a habit of prominently displaying its latest and greatest products prominently on its homepage, which makes it a great example to show off

Remember when iPods had a monochrome display? A screen that didn’t even do anything when you touched it? One of our earliest captures of, from December 2004, shows the newly launched color version of the device, which allowed users to store photos for the first time.

Can you believe Apple users were still restricted to using one-button mice until 2005? In this August 2005 screenshot, we see the birth of the two-button Apple Mighty Mouse, now just called the Apple Mouse, with its “Single-button looks, multi-button charm.”

It was the launch of the iPhone that arguably set Apple apart and started to make it the tech powerhouse it is today. In this January 2007 screenshot, we see one of the first images of the device that reinvented the cellphone market. The first iPhone didn’t hit stores for another six months, by which time consumer appetites had been truly whetted, making the iPhone the must-have device of the last 10 years.

The original model iPhone went on to sell 6.1 million units, and following quickly in its footsteps came the rise of the app. This capture from April 2009 shows the late stages of the countdown to the one billionth download from the App Store.

And with the launch of the first iPad in February 2010…

… it was less than two years before Apple once again turned over its front page to a countdown, this time to the 10 billionth download from the App Store.

Technology changes so fast, sometimes it’s easy to forget just how far the online world has come in such a short space of time. is a great reminder. What have you found?