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Come meet France’s AFNIC (.FR) – New Paper on The Secondary Market in Domain Names

April 7th, 2010 Comments off
One of the most sought after extensions in Europe, .fr, seems to be getting more and more friendly with domainers. AFNIC, the organization that runs the ccTLD will be sending a few people to Milan for our T.R.A.F.F.I.C. event later this month. Today, they issued a white paper on the secondary market. You can download the entire [...]

Happy Holidays – First 20 replies get half price T.R.A.F.F.I.C. tickets

December 22nd, 2009 Comments off
Please note that the first 10 went so fast that I have modified this post to be the first 20 so more people would get a chance. 10 tickets sold at half priced in only hours so most didn’t even get a chance to see the post. On behalf of my entire team and associated companies, [...]
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The core 4 – The greatest business lesson I’ve ever learned

December 1st, 2009 Comments off
*What terrible likeness* You just can’t do it all. Lord knows I’ve tried. For years I would start businesses and think I could run every one of them. It simply isn’t possible to be a serial entrepreneur without building a great team to support you. These days I won’t start anything without someone to run it. Cultivating [...]
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Sometimes in life you have to tell someone what they can do with themselves

September 24th, 2009 Comments off
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009 11:38 AM To: Rick Latona Subject: A question from Donald Ocean a form has been submitted on September 24, 2009, via: [IP] Contact Me Your Name       Donald Ocean Email Website Message I also have: Would you be interested in these names? I am selling all four (4) names for a minimum of 450000 USD.. Let me know if [...]
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What I’ve learned about Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu

June 19th, 2009 Comments off
Sometimes you don’t really get to know someone until you’ve done battle with them. In the case of Rick and Howard, my perception of them has changed forever. For instance, Rick Schwartz talks often on his blog and on message boards about how he doesn’t want to work. He goes on and on about it so [...]
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