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Inaugural Heritage Auctions Domain Event in New York City – Live Results

November 21st, 2013 Comments off

We were will be live blogging the results of the inaugural Heritage Auctions Domain Event in New York City today. There are no guarantees that this list is correct or complete as this are not official or officially approved results.

The auction sold 26 out of the 68 domains for a total of $419,970. Domains that did not sell in the live auction will be available on Heritage Auction’s website for two weeks at their reserve price as a Buy it Now price.

The top 5 sales of this auction were:

  1. for $138,000
  2. for $112,125
  3. for $34,500
  4. for $23,000, for $23,000
  5. for $17,250

Please note that all domains occur a 15% bidder premium, noted in our total and in the last column of the table below. See the full live blogged results after the jump.

Heritage Auction Galleries - Live! - Sale #1115 - Session #1 2013-11-21 20-20-37


Lot #
Domain Name
Sale Price
Price w/ Commission$7,000SOLD$7,000$8,050.00
87002OJX.comno reserveSOLD$3,666$4,215.90
87003CoinCompany.comno reserveSOLD$1,600$1,840.00$10,000SOLD$11,500.00
87005ChicagoWine.comno reservepass$95,000SOLD$97,500$112,125.00$7,000pass$25,000pass$6,000SOLD$6,000$6,900.00$95,000pass$35,000pass$20,000pass$20,000SOLD$20,000$23,000.00
87014ZQF.comno reserveSOLD$3750$4,312.50$15,000pass$50,000pass$3,888pass$5,000pass$3,500SOLD$5,000$5,750.00$15,000SOLD$15,000$17,250.00$3,000pass$20,000SOLD$20,000$23,000.00$20,000pass$40,000pass$2,000SOLD$2,600$2,990.00$8,000pass$30,000pass$385,000pass$1,500SOLD$1,500$1,725.00$30,000pass$10,000pass$500pass$1,000,000pass$6,500SOLD$6,500$7,475.00
87035BulkDiapers.comno reserveSOLD$500$575.00$30,000SOLD$30,000$34,500.00$200,000pass$10,000pass
87039ActiveStocks.comno reserveSOLD$850$977.50
87040TheCoinBlog.comno reserveSOLD$325$373.75$200,000pass$9,300pass$18,000pass$95,000pass$4,500pass$1,500SOLD$1,500$1,725.00$1,500pass$4,500pass$5,000SOLD$5,500$6,325.00$75,000pass
87051JazzBlog.comno reservepass$500SOLD$600$690.00$100,000pass$3,000pass$200,000pass
87056NewTees.comno reserveSOLD$250$287.50$6,500pass$2,500pass$10,000pass$40,000pass$9,300pass & SwissChronographs.comno reserveSOLD$550$632.50$10,000pass$220,000pass
87065DiveSuits.comno reserveSOLD$500$575.00$3,500pass$120,000SOLD$120,000$138,000.00$3,500SOLD$4,500$5,175.00
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Auction Total$419,970


Three New Members Added In Nominet’s Non-Executive Director Election

July 21st, 2009 Comments off
Nora Nanayakkara

Nora Nanayakkara

Nominet announced last week that three new members - Clive Grace, Nora Nanayakkara, and Jonathan Robinson - were added to the board following an electoral vote.

Nora Nanayakkara is a notable member, having served as Sedo’s Business Development Director since November 2007 as well as being an elected member of Nominet’s Policy Advisory Body (PAB) since June 2008.

Clive Grace has served on a Corporate Governance Audit Committee for the Welsh Assembly Government and has been a member of numerous boards and councils since 1998 when she first chaired the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives.

Jonathan Robinson, the Chief Operating Officer of Netnames, has previously served as a Deputy Chairman on the Internet Council of Registrars (CORE) as well as the Director for NetBenefit. He also currently serves on the Board of Director for Afilias.

Nanayakkara has pledged to help Nominet by focusing on developing a strategy that reflects the realities of the .uk namespace, providing the board with rounded exposure to the wider stakeholder community, and implementing the governance changes needed to ensure that the .uk namespace remains a self-regulated hub for Britain’s online community. For more on Nanayakkara, check out her website at

In total 455 members voted representing 16.41% of the electorate and 5,754,949 votes were cast which fulfills 63.90% of the possible number of votes.

[via Nominet]

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