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October 16th, 2009 Comments off

TechCrunch just ran an article about acquiring it’s founders side project, As an interesting side tidbit I thought I’d throw out something I just happened across yesterday.  I was digging through some historic domain data the other day and noticed the buyer krose119 paid $500 for in January at Afternic. It’s pretty safe to assume that this was WeFollow and Digg founder Kevin Rose.

Rose is no stranger to the world of domains. has sponsored his Diggnation show and Rose made a cameo appearance in a Godaddy Super Bowl commercial.  He’s done a broadcast discsussing domains with Four Hour Work Week Author, Tim Ferris and he’s vented his disdain about “fucking parkers” on another Diggnation episode (at 20:34).

According to Wikipedia, Rose paid $1200 for and in the interview with Ferris says he got for free (well worth it in our opinion).  Clearly, Rose isn’t any sort of big spender when it comes to domain names, but so what right.  As always I’m sure we’ve all heard that argument that a great product doesn’t really need to be created on a million dollar domain.  These low range purchases seemed to work well for Rose.