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Jazz At Lincoln Center Acquires & Re-brands To & Some Fans Are Not Happy

January 31st, 2015 Comments off, reports that the organization that operates Jazz at Lincoln Center, recently aand re-branded the organization to from it former address, which is owned and operated under since it started in the early 2000’s Although the story does not say how much the organization paid for the domain, it says that the domain […]

Business Insider Interview With Bidtellect – Co founded by John Ferber of Domain Holdings

January 30th, 2015 Comments off
Business Insider did an interview with Lon Otremba the CEO of Bidtellect an advertising company that was co founded by John Ferber of Domain Holdings. Bidtellect is the first open native ad exchange. Native advertising is becoming more popular, I have been playing around with some concepts for publications I own or co – manage. […]

Verisign Reports 3Q 2014 Closed With 284 Million Domains Up 6.8%

January 22nd, 2015 Comments off
Verisign issued its Domain Name Industry Brief for the Third Quarter of 2014. The third quarter of 2014 closed with a base of 284 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains (TLDs), an increase of four million domain names, or 1.6% over the second quarter of 2014. Registrations have grown by 18.1 million, or […]

Forbes Asks “Why, Even After A Year, There’s Still No Land Grab For New Internet Domains”

January 22nd, 2015 Comments off
Forbes just published an article on the new gTLD”s and its less than glowing. Here are some of the highlights of the piece written by Roger Kay: “It’s been nearly a year since a whole set of spanking new Internet domain names first came to market. These names —which in technical circles are called “generic […]

22 Year Old Makes $85,000 in 9 Days Selling

January 22nd, 2015 Comments off
The auction for ended last night on Flippafor USD $85,000 – a mere 9 days after the site was launched on January 12th. Today there is a press release out on it already “, a mere 9 days after the site was launched on January 12th. The site managed to secure over $20,000 in […]
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Backend Provider Open Registry Acquired For Up To $22.6 Million

January 20th, 2015 Comments off
According to, NCC Group plc (NCC.L), a provider of Escrow, Assurance and Domain Services, Tuesday said it has acquired the Belgium and Luxembourg based Open Registry group of companies for a maximum consideration of 14.9 million pounds or 19.5 million euros in cash. The company will make an initial payment of 7.9 million pounds […]

Breaking: Is NOT Sold, Yet

January 19th, 2015 Comments off
On Friday the daily newsletter of Domaining carried this simple message: “”Game is over. Next week I will announce the new owner of” That one sentence that appeared on the top of the newsletter caused the domain blogosphere to blow up all weekend with posts about the “sale” of even leading to […]
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Beware: Spamming, Trying To Sell Unregistered Domains For $39.95

January 18th, 2015 Comments off
    Over the last several days I have been receiving over 20 emails a day offering me domains for sale for $39.95 each. Until tonight I didn’t pay too much attention but the sheer volume of the emails I have received today led to me to check it out. So the emails are coming […]
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Domain Diction joins forces with UK agency C8 Consulting

January 14th, 2015 Comments off
According to a press release we revived, DomainDiction, “a marketing agency dedicated to the domain industry, announce that it is merging with UK based PR and marketing consultancy C8 Consulting, significantly strengthening its capability to service more clients in the domain space. Over the past three years DomainDiction has worked with a great number of […]
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B2B Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

January 12th, 2015 Comments off
In a post on the author Rachael took a look at digital marketing trends for the upcoming year, the changing or possible extinction of the homepage was number two on that list. The premise behind the end of the homepage stems from our mulit device universe. How sites act and react with smartphones, tablets, […]