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In Auction At Snap: & Is Moniker Pulling A Tucows?

September 12th, 2014 Comments off
            There are two great bang on medical domain names in closed auctions at, & More about the auctions in a few, but the history of the domain names may indicate that Moniker has gone the way of Tucows and is picking up expired domains for its […]

Namecheap Gets NC.Me & Giving Away Free .Me Domains & Email To College Students

September 6th, 2014 Comments off a top 10 domain name registrar, has just launched the “Namecheap for Education Program” through which it is giving away a free .Me domain name registration, 1 year of free email a premium page,  a 1 click Github page as well as scholarships to college students Bike for them to use on Campus […]

Suit Filed Against BestRegistrar Over “Ransom” to Transfer Over 5K Domains Out

August 13th, 2014 Comments off
A company has filed a federal lawsuit against the company that owns the ICANN accredited registrar, a few alleged resellers of BestRegistrar and the owners of the company that owns, to “recover control of approximately 5,000 Internet domain names rightfully owned by Simon Property Group (SPG), and to recover damages both compensatory and […]

CentralNic Launches BuyDomains.London, Domain & Website Included For £39.00 A Year

July 7th, 2014 Comments off





CentralNic announced today that they have launched the BuyDomains.London A “website for Small SMEs to obtain their .London domain names” taking aim “at the “75% of London’s 841,000 SMEs that will fail to register for a .London domain name before the 31 July deadline”.

For only £39.00 per year, Londoners and London-based businesses will get from BuyDomains.London:

- A .London domain, which tells local customers and visitors alike that you’re located in London

- A professional two-page website which allows you to publish content for free, with no technical knowledge

- Responsively designed to look great on computers, tablets and phones

- Features including a choice of customisable templates, integrated Google Maps, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn widgets

- Free hosting

- Plus you can redirect your emails to your new .London domain name for free too

CEO Ben Crawford commented

“London has the potential to be the global capital of the 21st century – to the immense benefit of Londoners, and importantly SME owners. The fact that so few London businesses have their own websites is therefore a lamentable lost opportunity for London’s SMEs to participate in the internet revolution. Having your own website is not only the gateway to doing business globally, it’s also increasingly become the key to doing business locally, as London residents and visitors armed with smartphones and tablets now use the internet to look up a shop’s address, to find a tradesman, book a mini-cab or order a takeaway. Small businesses in London need their own websites just to keep their existing customers, and to have any prospect of winning new ones.”, is an official partner of Dot London, and has launched the campaign to run throughout July 2014, aiming to “Get London businesses online”.

All London-based SMEs that sign up for a .London domain name via BuyDomains.London will receive a free professional one-page .London website.

The benefits of this free website will allow the registered businesses to publish free content online with no prior technical or internet content experience. Ben Crawford hopes that this campaign will encourage more London SMEs to get online, and improve their marketing potential by kick-starting their online presences.

This campaign is being launched by London-based CentralNic plc through a strategic partnership with British web design company BaseKit.

If you’re thinking that BuyDomains.London may run afoul of Name Media, Inc. trademark in the United States, Name Media’s trademarks seems to be on the term rather than just “Buy Domains.”

IPOFinancial: “No Way Godaddy’s IPO Can Move Forward As Is With Google Entering The Market”

June 26th, 2014 Comments off

I chatted with David Menlow, who is the founder yesterday about Godaddy’s planned IPO and Google’s announcement this week  that they were entering the domain name registrar business

“I don’t see how  GoDaddy’s IPO could “move forward.”

“If  it does, the valuations of this deal has to be radically”

“Whatever valuation models were being thrown around had to be completely redone”  “has been serving the investment community with information on IPOs and Secondary offerings since 1990″

Mr. Menlow says his company specialize and is retained by investors and investment companies for its opinion on how IPO shares will trade once the open on the market.

I pointed out to Mr. Menlow that Godaddy has a dominant market share of around 50% of the domain registrar market, which  isn’t as big as Google own market share of Search, still very substantial.

I also pointed out that Google hasn’t released many details of what Google Domains will be offering, what domain names they will be carrying or what the pricing will be.

“It doesn’t matter that there are no details regarding Google Domain offering”

“Google is not the 800 lbs Gorilla in the room, its the 800 ton Gorilla.”

I asked Mr. Menlow if he had any advise for Godaddy with Google coming into the market

“I would turn the lights off in the office and go into the fetal position”

Endurance Issues A Statement Claiming Google Domains Will be Good For Their Business

June 24th, 2014 Comments off




Endurance International (EIGI) issued a statement on Google (GOOG) announcement yesterday that it is testing a new domain service.

Shares of Endurance recovered nicely today, as shares wound up being down only a little of 5%, closing at $15 a share.

Endurance had traded as low as $13.38 during the day.

Endurance said they “expect Google’s new initiative to stimulate demand for hosting and web presence solutions by increasing the number of domains that are created and actively used.

“Endurance is a Google partner and sees the active involvement by Google in stimulating interest in and distribution of web domains as a benefit to the industry.”

“Endurance expects Google’s new initiative to stimulate demand for hosting and web presence solutions by increasing the number of domains that are created and actively used. ”

“Endurance focuses its business on providing these hosting and web presence solutions, which are aimed at helping businesses succeed online, and which can include such elements as security, back-up, eCommerce, and online marketing assistance”

“While Endurance offers domains, it also provides web solutions for domains registered with other providers.

“Endurance and Google partner in the mission of helping businesses benefit from the Internet. The companies have worked together since 2013 through Google’s Get Your Business Online (GYBO) program. The GYBO program provides small businesses with a customized domain name, an easy-to-build website, and presence on Google Maps and on Google+. ”

“Endurance is the hosting provider for this program and also offers additional web presence products.”

Endurance provides Weebly, WordPress, and a number of other web building tools to its customers to help them build websites quickly and effectively.

“By providing choice to meet the varying needs and technical sophistication of users, and products to help customers achieve their goals from the web, Endurance is able to tailor solutions to meet individual customer needs. “An organization with the clout of Google increasing the number of domains registered in the world should boost demand for web solutions,” commented Hari Ravichandran, Chief Executive Officer of Endurance.”

Quick Poll:What Will Google Domains Market Share Of The Registrar Market Be A Year After Launch?

June 24th, 2014 Comments off

Yesterday news that Google is launching a retail domain name registrar, generated a ton of press outside the domain industry.

There is a lot of speculation of how successful he entry of Google into the registrar business will be, how much market share will Google Domains will gain and how it will effect other registrars, mostly Godaddy whose is going public this year.

As we know Godaddy is the worlds largest registrar, with its sister registrar Wild West Domains also in the top 10 registrars of Network Solutions and both in the top 10

Demand Media’s Enom, which includes numbers is number 2.

Here is the top 20 domain name registrars according to

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 8.33.37 AM

So the question is what do spot do you think Google will be on this chart one year after Google Domains is live to the general public?

You can vote on the poll on the right and for bragging rights you can also comment below

Your choices are:

Not in the top 20

























TechCrunch Covers The New Google Domains Registrar & Google Talks About New gTLD’s

June 23rd, 2014 Comments off

domains just covered the new Google Domains name registrar.

The only surprise for TechCrunch is that its taken Google so long to get into the business:

“The move makes enough sense that it’s actually kind if surprising that it’s taken Google this long. ”

“While domains aren’t generally considered a massive-margin business, they’ve always seemed like a glaring omission in Google’s offerings; a missing puzzle piece, almost.

Need email for your domain?

Google does that.

Need analytics for your domain?

They do that too.

Now they will soon offer domain registrations.

The one thing the story didn’t mention at all is the new gTLD’s even the 100 or so Google applied to operate.

However Google, not only mentions the new gTLD’s they only domains they talk about on their site:

A” domain name, your address on the Internet, says a lot about who you are and what you do. ”

“New domain endings like .guru and .photography can help you find a meaningful address that stands out on the web.”

“Every domain includes easy forwarding, branded email (, simple management tools and other helpful features.”

According to Google’s own  research says “55% of small businesses don’t have a website”, which SlashGear says “doesn’t make a lot of sense in 2014.”

CentralNic to Acquire Internet.BS In A Deal Worth Up to $7.5 Million

June 17th, 2014 Comments off


CentralNic plc,(AIM:CNIC) acquired Internet.BS, a top 30 domain name registrar for a maximum consideration of USD 7.5 million.

CentralNic said it will pay $5.2 million when the deal closes, with $2.7 million due in cash and $2.5 million to be paid in the form of 2.1 million new CentralNic shares.

An additional $1.8 million payment is deferred.

It is to be paid over 12 months and can be adjusted higher or lower depending on the acquisition’s performance.

The maximum amount that can be paid is $2.3 million

CentralNic shares were Tuesday quoted at 71.95 pence, up 2.1%

You might remember that Demand Media, Inc. paid $18 Million for

The company put out a press release early this morning

Internet.BS is a profitable, cash generative business delivering unaudited operating profits and profits after tax of USD $730,000 for the year ending 31 December 2013.

CentralNic gave some talking points on how the acquisition will affect their company going forward:

Impact of the Acquisition

“”The acquisition of Internet.BS is a strategic step for CentralNic, which will position the Company as a vertically integrated platform offering domain names at retail as well as wholesale – one of the key objectives announced at admission to AIM in September 2013.”

“Key strategic drivers for the acquisition include:

- Gaining a proven retail platform already supporting 28,000 users in eight languages, including sophisticated administrative tools for domain portfolio owners;
- Enhancing the revenues and profits of CentralNic with an additional cash generative business retailing domains to consumers and other domain name retailers; and
- Optimizing the earnings opportunity for CentralNic presented by the new Top-Level Domains by giving it access to the retail margin for sales of these domains.
The Board believes that the deal terms are attractive, at under 10x EBITDA, with 35% of the consideration settled in shares.”

We continue to see consolidation in the domain space and this is a trend that will most likely continue in the future.

Free Domains Anyone? .Berlin Adds 70K Domains & Tops 116K; .XYZ Adds 27K & Tops 145K

June 16th, 2014 Comments off

A huge day in the new gTLD program as .Berlin in its first day of offering free domain names,  added some 70,000 domain names, more domains than were registered in the extension in the three months since .Berlin was launched.

.Berlin passed .Club to become the 2nd most registered new domain extension (new gTLD).

.Berlin which had been hanging around 48,000 registrations for weeks, shot up to 116,638 registered domains

.Berlin launched around March 19 and got some 32,000 registrations in its first day.

It took .Berlin basically three more months to get to 48,000 registrations.

.Berlin added 70,000 domains yesterday in its 5 day free domain name program exceeding its previous total by 50% in one day.

The registrar PSI-USA, Inc. d/b/a Domain Robot, now has over 70,000 .Berlin domain name registrations, over 60% of the .Berlin market.

.XYZ wanother new gTLD had another nice boost today ending the day with over 145,000 registered domain names,  125,000 being registered by Network Solutions or over 86%.

.Club is now in third place, with over 71,000 domain names.

.Guru is in 4th place with over 62,000.

.Photography rounds out the top 5 with 38,000 registered domains.

In all there are now more than 1,185,000 domain names registered.

Godaddy has just over 21% of the domain registrar market, with over 253,000 domain registrations.

Network Solutions which at one time before .XYZ launch only had 2% of the new gTLD domain registrar market is now number 2 in terms of domain names registered at 143K registrations, 125K of which are .XYZ.

Enom, is in 3rd place of new gTLD domain name registrations

PSI-USA (the number one .Berlin domain registrar) is now in the 4th spot.

1 and 1 rounds out the top 5 of the domain registrar market for new gTLD’s

The top 5 new gTLD domain name registrars have over 50% of the new gTLD market.

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