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Owner of Who Paid £40,000 Blames Sedo For Auction Price of £2,999

November 5th, 2015 Comments off

Remember the story a few weeks ago about the domain name  which was purchased a few years ago for  £40,000 was on sale for £2,999 on Sedo? The owner of the domain name blames Sedo and its automated valuation tool. Peter Thornton told, that the domain name Houses.Co.Uk is for sale but it was […]

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New Gtld Resource Site Registered.Today is For Sale

January 16th, 2015 Comments off
Gtld.Link is a new forum that focuses strictly on the new gtlds, I just joined a couple nights ago. While I was going through the names for sale listings, I came across a listing for Registered.Today. Registered.Today-5K – developed site with daily updates of all NEW gTLDs We are moving on to much bigger projects […]

New Site domcomp Compares Price Of 10+ Registrars Across Over 600 Extensions

November 8th, 2014 Comments off
A new site has popped up which compares the registration, renewal and transfer prices  of 10 + different registrars across over .com, .net, .org selected ccTLD and what seems to be hundreds of new gTLD extensions. Domcomp which seems to have launched in September ,bills itself as the “No-nonsense Domain Price Comparison” “We aggregate prices […]

As Many As 5K .Com’s Taken Away By Sealed Court Order By Verisign Including Some Of Mine

October 2nd, 2014 Comments off
Overnight I received a notice that several domain names I owned were transferred by a sealed court from Verisign without notice and of course without the court order. The domain names just were transferred by Verisign to another domain and are now listed for sale at another marketplace. Another domainer sent me an identical notice […] takes On To Take “Domain Name Research to a New Level”

August 7th, 2014 Comments off
Intelium Corp. , which is headed up by Luc Lezon CEO, has rolled out their newest site, “the world’s most powerful domain name and internet research tool.” The site “was created by software engineers with over a decade of experience in the domain industry which created popular services including EstiBot,, Domainex, DomainResearchTool and PremiumDrops” […]

NameJet Releases New Domain Name Auction Bidding App for iOS

July 22nd, 2014 Comments off

  the aftermarket domain name auction company, has developed, in conjunction with WillowTree Apps, a new bidding application for iOS.

The app has an easy-to-use interface, allowing customers to manage their bids, putting them in control of their auctions regardless of location.

Matt Overman, General Manager of NameJet said, “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our customers’ experience. This new app makes it easier for them to bid from their phones and never forget a closing auction.”

Some notable features of the app are:

Account Controls
List My Current Auctions
Last Minute Board
Sort By Domain, Time Left, and High Bid
Auction Details
Place Proxy Bids
Real Time Status Updates
Bid History
Alert Settings for Auction Starting, Auction Ending, Reserve Met, Outbid, and Auction Closing
Optional Push Notifications
Customer Service Connect

The new NameJet bidding app is now available for free download at the iTunes Store.

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New Tool: How to Invest in Chinese Domains Without Knowing a Word of Chinese:

July 1st, 2014 Comments off

TLD Registry Ltd the registry for Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) has released a new tool to help domain investors who do not speak Chinese (guys like me) to find available  domains in Chinese.

The New tool is .

“ is an innovative new way to help non-Chinese speakers to understand and invest in Chinese domains.

At, visitors will always find 500 great, hand-made domain name suggestions.

The suggestions are not yet registered, and they’re not registry-reserved.

The 500 domain name suggestions are yours for the taking.

Our suggestions are hand-made by our team of Chinese domain experts in Beijing, Hong Kong and New York. For we never use automated “domain spinning” tools. Our domain suggestions encompass categories from activities, sports and hobbies, common phrases, food, geographic, immigration and travel, medical, and more than a dozen other relevant categories.

If you register a free account and log-into, you have access to our powerful custom list tool. You can add your domain choices to your cart, and “check out” by downloading a handy spreadsheet file. Then, you can easily copy-and-paste your list into the bulk-registration page at the domain registrar of your choice.

Every night, our automated systems scan yesterday’s domain registrations and cleanse the suggestions database of new domains. The list of 500 domain suggestions is then replenished from our “hopper” of several thousand hand-made suggestions.””

According to the registry  “Since their public launch ten weeks ago, Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) have rocketed to the number 1 and 2 positions in namestats‘ “Internationalized Domain Names” (IDN) leaderboard.”

“Many of the world’s most successful domain name investors have already bought our domains. In fact, our first premium domain name auction, held in Macau in April, is still the most successful in ICANN’s new gTLD program (we raised USD184,000 for 33 domain name lots). And during our first month of general availability, more than $580,000 in Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website domains were sold to end-users and investors.”

You can read more about the tool and the registry here

Namestat Drops All Free .XYZ Domains & Schilling’s Registration Of Own Strings From Rankings

June 11th, 2014 Comments off

One of the two new sites that server up new gTLD stats, has made some changes to its ranking system for new gTLD registration.

The service has dropped all free .XYZ domain names given out by Network Solutions (actually all Network Solution .XYZ registrations) and all Domain Names registered by Frank Schilling’s North Sound Names in extensions owned by Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry in computing its Best Selling gTLD list. is now showing .XYZ with just under 15,000 registrations dropping it from the top 10. shows .XYZ being the most registered string with now over 104,000 registrations, almost 85% or over 88K coming from Network Solutions

According to, .XYZ is sitting at number 14 on the list of most registered new gTLD’s with just under 15,000 registrations

Likewise has removed all domain registrations made by North Sound Names for  Uniregistry strings .Link, .Sexy and .Tattoo

According to Best Selling gTLD list, .Link is now 33rd on the list with 7,676 registrations while .Sexy is number 28 with 8,503 registrations and .Tattoo is now where to be found in the top 50 which is at the moment which is the biggest list that currently offers

According to, .link is number 8 with over 32,000 registrations and .Sexy is number 18 with over 14,000 registrations and .Tattoo is number 39 with almost 6,300 registrations

With the removal of .XYZ Network Solutions registrations on, Club is back on top with over 68,000 registrations, with .Guru, .Berlin .Photography and the IDS China Online rounds out the top 5.

However has not removed the Network Solutions or the domain registrations from North Sound Names from the total amount of new gTLD registered,  which they have at, 1,036,530 while has the total number of new gTLD registrations at 1,050,605 (difference in timing of the last update and how Zone files are pulled)


Here are the top 20 Best Selling New gTLD’s according to


.newdomain Total Reg [?] [?]
1 .club 68,644 567
2 .guru 61,104 185
3 .berlin 48,141 36
4 .photography 37,791 126
5 .在线 (online) 32,672 115
6 .email 32,529 96
7 .today 26,807 96
8 .tips 24,001 55
9 .company 20,783 135
10 .solutions 17,517 87
11 .center 16,644 53
12 .technology 16,222 58
13 .directory 15,935 41
14 .xyz 14,988 1,135
15 .中文网 (website) 14,962 83
16 .expert 14,545 183
17 .land 11,815 12
18 .photos 11,756 48
19 .clothing 11,542 20
20 .gallery 11,440 38


More Stats For Domain Lovers:, Includes Fastest Growing New gTLD (.Club)

May 19th, 2014 Comments off




We just came across another site offering new gTLD stats at

The site offers a section entitled “Fastest Growing gTLD’s and not surprisingly .Club is leading the way.

Here are the top 10 Fastest Growing new gTLD’s according to the site:


Interestingly the second or third gTLD with the most registrations, .Berlin is not on the list nor is .Expert that just launched last week and has over 10,000 registrations in a week, not sure how that is not on the top 10 fastest growing list.

According to there are 772,939 new gTLD registered.

According to, there are 784,537 new gTLD registered has .Club in the 2nd spot just ahead of .Berlin while has club trailing .Berlin by less than 500 registrations.

We are going to stick with as the authority for new gTLD numbers for now.


The domain name, was updated last month and is registered under privacy at Internet.Bs



Our Interview With The CEO Of On The Serial Cybersquatter Detector

May 15th, 2014 Comments off

Last week we wrote about a new product called the Serial Cybersquatter Detector (SCD) Network powered by DomainTools® and being run and marketed by

As we expressed in the original post we had some issues a company using an automated system to to identify “Serial Cybersquatters” so we reached out to Jonathan Matkowsky, the Founder & CEO of Ltd. who was nice enough to answer our questions and give some details about the new service.

Your service says you identify serial cybersquatters

1. So what is your definition of a serial cybersquatters?

Is it based on number of UDRP cases filed or lost, lawsuits, domain registrations and so how many lost cases UDRP’s filed IDRP’s or registered domains?

“”The Network identifies domain registrants with a number of different known trademarks in their portfolio, indicating a pattern or practice of registering trademark words and/or typosquats for illegitimate profit.

Such registrants are unlikely to have a legitimate explanation for having a large number of domains that are substantially indistinguishable or confusingly similar to a large number of trademarks.

Therefore, from our point of view, these are more likely to be bad faith actors.

This patent-pending investigative and networking tool gives brand owners the opportunity to collaborate in bringing a class UDRP complaint.

One such case is linked here (though in the interest of full disclosure, I’m of counsel at Rodenbaugh Law):“”

For the readers the UDRP case referred to above where over these domain names:


Of course the panel held for the Complainants and ordered the domain names transferred

2. Are you identifying typo registrations or domain names like which recently dropped (was not owned by Microsoft) and was re-registered by someone other than Microsoft.

“”Our algorithms are constantly improving.

What I can say is that re-registering a dropped domain containing the famous Microsoft trademark in and of itself would not necessarily cause someone to be on the Network’s radar.

However, the example you gave is a good one to consider.

If you look at the portfolio of this registrant, it appears that there are domains substantially indistinguishable or confusingly similar to many famous trademarks, including American Airlines, Google, Amazon, Android, iPad, Apple (combined with descriptive terms that are highly related to Apple’s line of business), Beats headsets, Disney, Capital One, Cialis, Costco, Craigslist, Facebook, Gucci, Hyatt, Kohls, Sears, Twitter, Visa, WordPress, Yahoo, and the list goes on and on.

If further review validated these results, it is difficult by any stretch of the imagination not to conclude that this is a serial cybersquatter.

You can’t just look at in a vacuum.

By looking at the spectrum of trademarked domains this registrant has, it is obvious we are looking at a serial cybersquatter.

People like this give domainers a bad name, and provide no value to society.

Serial Cybersquatter Detector is doing a service not only for brand holders, but to deter those relatively few bad actors that give domainers a bad rep that is undeserved.

Staying away from monetizing famous trademarks is just common sense.

And yes, there are exceptions.

While the serial cybersquatters instantly appear, we do manually review to keep the quality of the network high. We will not just file based on automated results. The idea is to empower our users through technology, not to automate decisions altogether.””

3. Your services charged on a company basis or for each brand or TM they want to track.

We are a start-up and will continue to develop our business model. But for starters, there is no charge per brand.

A company subscribes to the Network and can sign up as many of their trademarks that they want.

If you click sign up on the Network now at, you can see the subscription model we are using to join the Network.

We then have a $1k flat fee per complainant for each UDRP initiated or joined, plus the complainants share pro-rata in the UDRP costs. This will provide significant savings to participating brand owners.

4. You Talk In Your PR about getting behind proxy or privacy services to determine the true owner, how do you do that?

“”Good question.

We are breaking new ground by leveraging the Class UDRP opportunity on a large scale, but we already won one class decision, and between Mike Rodenbaugh and myself in-house at Yahoo! and as outside counsel, well over a hundred other UDRP decisions, many of them involving abusive privacy or proxy registration services.

Typically the UDRP is brought against the domain privacy or proxy in the first instance, then the curtain will sometimes be lifted to reveal the true owner(s) of the domains.

If the privacy or proxy registration service does not unmask the true owners, then the case generally proceeds to decision against the service itself.

In other cases the privacy or proxy service provider cooperates because the registrant is violating the terms of service of the provider. So the provider lifts the curtain, and then there may be several registrants of the domains. Unless there is some evidence that they are under common control, a typical approach is to allow the case to go to decision against one of the respondents and then the complainants have a chance to bring new proceedings against the other respondents. An example of how this works is

With SCD Network, it should be much easier for brand holders to combat abusive privacy or proxy registrations.

We envision proceedings split into multiple class proceedings against multiple underlying serial cybersquatters.

Furthermore, if you look at the report that ICANN recently issued on abusive privacy or proxy registrations, it demonstrates that such registrations are likely to be abused by advance fee fraudsters, rogue Internet pharmacies, and phishing criminals–not only typo-traffic domains displaying counterfeit marks with pay-per-click ads or the like. Therefore, the data we will provide will give insights beyond just cybersquatting, and will help deal with these even more severe social problems.””

We Thank Mr. Matkowsky for taking the time to explain to our readers more about the offering and product.

We of course at are not fans of domain holders that register a ton of typos and agree that they  give legitimate domain investors a black eye,  as outside of the domainer community,  blend in the typo-squatters in with the legitimate investors.

Knowing that Mike Rodenbaugh is involved makes me feel a lot better about the offering as well as he has not only prosecuted UDRP cases against the Typo guys but he has defended domain holders again UDRP on very generic domains as well.