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Nominet Considers Release of One and Two Letter Domains

March 9th, 2010 Comments off

Following the course of other TLDs, such as .DE, Nominet has posted a document for their members and registrars proposing the release of single and double character domain names in the third level of the .UK domain (under,, and The release would exclude some domains that have been registered before the establishing of Nominet as the registry operator in 1996. According to the consultation, Nominet is considering releasing the domains in two phases: A first round for trademark holders, followed by a Dutch Auction (starting with a high price being reduced until a buyer is found, similar to the release of second level .MX domains).

The corresponding consultation runs for three months, from 8 March 2010 until 8 June 2010.  To provide your feedback, you can either complete the online survey or email your answers to

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