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Filesoup Torrent Site to Shut Down and sell domains

June 5th, 2012 Comments off

As reported by Torrent Freak, one of the oldest filesharing sites, Filesoup, is shutting down and selling their domain names.

When the site started there was no Pirate Bay, no Torrentz, and isoHunt wasn’t searching .torrent files yet. FileSoup outlived many of the sites that sprung up around the time and developed an active and warm community.

The site was founded in 2003 and had no problems and challenges, keeping  operating for years until a raid was conducted at the homes of two of the founders in the summer of 2009 and they were arrested for questioning. Even though the charges were dropped in 2011, the proceedings effectively killed the activity on the site.

More information regarding the domain sale and the shutting down of the site can be found here.

[via The Next Web/TorrentFreak]

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