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Mozilla Thunderbird integrates Hover and Gandi as domain registration providers

June 7th, 2012 Comments off

Mozilla, a global non-profit organization dedicated to making the web better, has announced the new release of Mozilla Thunderbird version 13. The new version of the popular e-mail client aims to simplify and personalize the e-mail experience. In the official update on it’s blog, Mozilla revealed a strategic domain registration partnership with European based and North American based (a Tucows company).

Mozilla has made it possible to sign up instantly for your very own custom new email address under your new domain name directly from within the Thunderbird program. Along with your personalized email address, Thunderbird will be automatically setup and configure everything so that you are ready to send and receive messages within no time under This streamlined process is sure to be a big hit with users that aren’t that tech savvy or know how to register domain names. and Domains

Thomas Stocking, COO of Gandi USA said: “More than any possible commercial potential, what really makes us happy is the vote of confidence in Gandi that Mozilla cast. It’s great to be working with such a dedicated, efficient team who share many of our core values. Our teams have worked on the integration of this offer in Thunderbird in recent weeks, and we have streamlined the process of account creation to make the transaction as smooth as possible.”

About Hover is a Tucows Inc company. According to the company’s website; in a sea of uncertainty, complexity and pushy sales pitches, Hover offers domain and email owners a breath of fresh air. Hover makes it easy to buy, manage and use domain names and email addresses. With smart, usable tools, step-by-step tutorials and a warm, knowledgeable staff, we are the first choice for customers who want to get neat stuff done on the Internet without the hassles that have become commonplace in the industry.

Tucows, the parent company of Hover, offers a few other domain related services/products.  OpenSRS is the wholesale unit of Tucows, exclusively focused on the needs of domain name resellers. YummyNames is the company’s premium domain names marketplace which helps startups, retailers, publishers, marketers and entrepreneurs get the perfect domain name

About Gandi was one of the first domain name registrars approved by ICANN for .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .NAME, .BE, .FR, .EU domains in France according to their website. The company now offers over 100 extensions to choose from (gTLD’s and ccTLD’s) and continues to add to this list on a regular basis.

Gandi SAS was founded in 1999 by three individuals who were highly regarded in the French internet world. In 2005 the company was acquired by an experienced European management team within the same field, in order to create an alternative and independent line of internet services based around domain names. Gandi has offices in Paris (France), Baltimore (USA) and Vancouver (Canada). The company manages more than one million domains from close to 200 countries.

In the official announcement, Mozilla also revealed that they are currently working with additional domain registration suppliers (registrars / partners) to cover more geographic areas of the world, and to provide more options in future.

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Domain Registrars “Blackout” in Opposition of SOPA and PIPA legislation

January 18th, 2012 Comments off

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the online protest with sites like Wikipedia, and thousands of other sites going “dark” to protest the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation. Even Google blacked out their logo today in protest.

If you haven’t noticed this maybe you noticed that your favorite registrar also joined in the protest. Domain name registrars such as,, (and likely some others I’m not aware of) jumped on the protest bandwagon today as well. blacked out their sites name similar to what did., whose parent company Tucows shut down their software downloading site for the day, ran a simple header across the top of their site in protest. took it the furthest with a complete “overlay” of their home page turning it in to a virtual blackout in protest of the US legislation. which had previously been blasted for supporting the bill also did their best to protest their new stance with a pip-squeak banner ad “below the fold/babes” on their homepage. With all the bells and whistle distractions on the Godaddy homepage, I’m sure this caused mass confusion for their customer base :)

Many before me have pointed out the concern with the SOPA and PIPA legislation and why it is dangerous. Hopefully the US legislators begin to hear from the people that are opposed to this and start to change their stance or reconsider the way to fix the problem without creating more problems.

  Here’s a video that explains things

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