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ICANN selects Deloitte + IBM for implementation of trademark clearinghouse

June 2nd, 2012 Comments off

In an official press release on it’s website, ICANN has announced that it is working with Deloitte and IBM on implementation of trademark clearinghouse services. According to ICANN, both providers are highly qualified, with significant experience, technical capacity, and proven ability to manage and support processes.

New information has also been released about the anticipated pricing for the trademark clearinghouse services. In a separate document/update, ICANN released details on the preliminary cost model that covers services to rightsholders, services to registries and ancillary services.

The trademark clearinghouse will function as an information repository, offering authentication and validation services for trademark data. Trademark holders and gTLD registry operators will rely on the clearinghouse to support rights protection mechanisms for the new gTLD domain space. The clearinghouse is designed to be available globally, with capabilities for validating trademark data from multiple regions worldwide.

gTLD Trademark Clearinghouse

The authentication and database administration functions of the clearinghouse are separated. Upon the anticipated execution of final agreements, Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services (a department of Deloitte Bedrijfsrevisoren BV ovve CVBA) will serve as the authenticator/validator service provider, and IBM (International Business Machines of Belgium sprl / bvba) will provide technical database administration services. Both Parties are going to sub-contract IPClearingHouse BVBA (aka CHIP) in order to facilitate these services.

Deloitte has already been involved in multiple gTLD and ccTLD initial launches/re-launches. Deloitte’s validation team has managed successful sunrise validation processes for .ASIA, .TEL, .ME, .CO and .SO just to name a few. This time around things are likely to get a lot more complex, so it’s smart on ICANN’s part to be working with somebody who has the experience and industry know-how.

IBM and Deloitte will also take part in the public discussion refining technical and operating specifications. Information about the trademark clearinghouse, including the current implementation model and estimated fees is available right here. ICANN plans to update the newly launched trademark clearinghouse page on a regular basis to track progress towards the actual launch.

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