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ICANN: Looks Like 2nd Round Of New gTLD Won’t Open For At Least 4 Years

September 23rd, 2014 Comments off
ICANN released tonight a 27 page report entitled the “New gTLD Program Reviews and Assessments Draft Work Plan” (Draft Work Plan) which lays out the work required prior to initiating a subsequent application period for the New gTLD Program, taking into account the assessments anticipated in development of the Program.” “As of this writing, 404 […]
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Google & Donuts Lose All 3 ICANN New gTLD Auctions: What Did We Learn Today?

September 18th, 2014 Comments off
ICANN published results of the first three ICANN Last Resort Auctions (there was an auction in June for a IDN String) tonight and we certainly learned a few things. Many people had the opinion that Google and Amazon would simply outbid all other applicants for all the strings just because they could. However Google wound […]
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ICANN TO Chat With GAC At ICANN 51 in LA, Whether 2 Character new gTLD Domains Should Be Allowed

September 3rd, 2014 Comments off
In a letter to Heather Dryden Chair of the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) Stephen D. Crocker, Chair ICANN Board of Directors made it clear that ICANN will be taking up the issue of allowing the registration of 2 character new gTLD domain names: Dear Heather, On behalf of the Board New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC), […]
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ICANN Names 4 Initial Members of Accountability & Governance Public Experts Group

August 20th, 2014 Comments off
ICANN has named the first four members of the  Accountability & Governance Public Experts Group. ICANN’s President and CEO, Fadi Chehadé, will be responsible for the selection of up to seven Advisers to sit on the Coordination Group to assure that best practices are brought from the larger global community. Once selected by the Public […]
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ICANN 54 To Be Held In Dublin in Fall of 2015 & ICANN Board Members To Get $45K

August 2nd, 2014 Comments off
The ICANN Board selected Dublin, Ireland as the location of the ICANN 2015 Public Meeting from 18-22 October 2015 This meeting with be ICANN 54. There are plenty of companies in the domain space that have offices in Dublin which offers some big tax advantage over countries like the US including; Afilias Rightside Registry Starting […]
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.Mail Gets Added To .Home and .Corp As Strings Killed Off By Collision

August 2nd, 2014 Comments off
According to a resolution of the ICANN Board the .Mail has joined .Home and .Corp as extension that will not be delegated as part of the collision report. .Mail was basically killed off as part of the “ICANN NAME COLLISION OCCURRENCE MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK” which is putting into place a plan which will start the process […]
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Fadi Chehadé Gets Two Year Extension & 12.5% Pay Raise From ICANN

August 2nd, 2014 Comments off
The contract of President and Chief Executive Officer Fadi Chehadé has been extended by ICANN for two more years. Chehadé’s base salary will increase by 12.5 percent. Faidi contract with ICANN now expires 30 June 2017. The Board resolution said, “The decision to increase Mr. Chehadé’s compensation was done with recognition and acknowledgment of the […]
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More from ICANN Court Filing: Not Only Are ccTLD’s Not Property But They Don’t Belong To The Country

July 30th, 2014 Comments off
                Earlier we wrote about ICANN filing several motions to quash a federal court ruling that ccTLD registries could be seized to satisfy judgements against the underling country saying ccTLD’s are not considered property and therefore it can’t be attached by plaintiffs. We read through some more of […]
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ICANN Responds To Seizure Order of The .IR Registry, saying ccTLD’s Are Not Property

July 30th, 2014 Comments off
                  A couple of weeks ago we told you that the attorney for the victims of a terrorist attack got a federal court to order the seizure of the .IR domain registry which is the ccTLD for Iran to help satisfy a judgement the victims  held  against […]
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ICANN Publishes “Five Things to Know About ICANN’s 2015 Budget”

July 18th, 2014 Comments off











In a blog post ICANN Published “Five things to Know About ICANN’s 2015 Budget”

Typically ICANN just releases its draft budget and then lets the domain blogs and other during and through the comment period rip into the budget & dissect the numbers.

The Draft 2015 CAN Operation Plan and Budget is 80 pages.

Here ICANN seems to be doing damage control in advance by releasing its own notes along with the budget

Here is the post:

“If you are wondering what the future holds for ICANN, you can see our best estimate in the draft FY 2015 ICANN Operating Plan and Budget.

The 80-page document reflects weeks and weeks of planning and number-crunching to provide the clearest view of our future activities and initiatives.

Haven’t had a chance to read it yet?

Let me sum up the five things you should know about ICANN‘s FY 15 budget.

We listened to you and made improvements.

I’m proud of the work that went into this year’s budget. We were able to make many improvements – as you, the community, requested. These include a highlights section and a complete overview of resources and expenses with comments on year-on-year variances by category and by function. We’ve also included a description of the activities of the organization planned for each portfolio. This budget should satisfy your requests for more data, whether you want to see a high-level overview and analysis or drill into the details of a specific project.

Our expenses are stable.

From 1 July, ICANN‘s expenses will remain stable across all departments, except for selected growth areas pertaining to the gTLD service platform, IT infrastructure and Contractual Compliance.

Growth will level off in coming years.

The budget reflects the growth we had to undertake in order to build the underpinnings needed for a global organization with participants from all over the world. Today, we’re offering new and expanded services to more and more people and groups in more regions. And we’re doing this at levels that would not have been possible a few years ago. We are very close now to being where we need to be as a mature global organization, and together we should plan for budget growth to level off in the coming years.

More details on costs relating to the IANA stewardship transition are forthcoming.

As you know, the FY 15 budget cycle was underway when the NTIA announced that it would transition the stewardship of the IANA functions in April. We developed a rough estimate of $4.7 million in costs and added it to the budget as a placeholder. Now, several months later, we have a much better understanding of the project and will soon publish a more detailed cost breakdown, broken into the four tracks of work I’ve written about before.

Your scrutiny is key to our accountability.

We post our draft operating plan and budget so that we are accountable to our community and stakeholders. This means that your review and comments are a critical part of how we remain accountable to you. We welcome your ongoing scrutiny.

This year’s Public Comment period had interesting results. We lengthened the comment period to 54 days (it was 43 days last year), yet we still received fewer contributions than the previous year. We proactively reached out to individuals and groups that provided comments in previous years. We want to learn more about how we can be more effective in getting your feedback.

Next steps.

We are currently reviewing public comments and will post a summary and analysis later in July. The document will be revised as needed and will likely be considered for approval by the Board in late August.

We’ve improved the budget – but there is always room for further refinement. I intend to continue my focus on it, to ensure it is efficient and reflective of our priorities, year after year. Your close attention reinforces our mandate for accountability.””

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