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Interview with the founder of

March 11th, 2014 Comments off is a website that offers a comprehensive list of statistics pertaining to the new gtlds. The company behind the website is Greensec based out of Germany.

We sat down with Stefan Meinecke to get some more info about the site.

1) What is GreenSec’s interest in the space ?

Stefan – GreenSec is a software consultant company that offers individual
solutions for companies around the world. This includes customised
hosting solutions for clients including the registration of domain names.

2) Does Greensec hold a large portfolio of domains, and if so how are
they broken down, existing gtlds, cctlds, new gtlds ?

Stefan – GreenSec is neither a domain name registrar nor an investor. The domains
we register for our customers are mostly gTLDs.

3) Are you getting your info strictly by going through the zone files?

Stefan – No. Even though the zone files are the primary source, they are not
covering the statistics in realtime and miss all the domain names that
does not have a valid nameserver set. Apart from that I am using some
other ways to get the most accurate data in realtime.

4) How often do you update the stats ?

Stefan – At least once a day.

5) What time zone is reflected on the site ?

Stefan – All times are UTC+0.

6) Do you have any other developed sites in the domain space ?

Stefan – No.

7) Are you accepting advertising on the site ?

Stefan – Yes, but with some restrictions. A banner is no problem, but I already
received offers to place links to other websites in order to push the
ranking of these websites, which is not going to happen.

8) Are there future plans or other info that will be offered on the site ?

Stefan – I am focusing on usability right now. There will be new features and
suggestions can always be made, though.

9) Will it remain free or do you plan on charging for access ?

Stefan -  It will remain free. Period.

Thank you for your time Stefan and good luck with the site.…

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Domain startup Donuts Inc puts all eyes on domain industry

June 9th, 2012 Comments off

It’s not every day that you’ll see a startup from the domain world get some prime coverage from the mainstream media. Donuts Inc put all eyes on the domain industry earlier this week, when the likes of Bloomberg, Forbes, TechCrunch, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and additionally many other tech focused publications/magazines covered their official “coming out” when the company finally launched their website and announced that they have applied for 307 new generic top level domains (gTLD’s) with ICANN.

Most companies operating in the domain space would be lucky to get that type of flurry of stories written about them and mainstream media coverage in the course of an entire year, or even lifetime of the company. But then again, Donuts Inc. isn’t your typical domain company, lets not forget.

Mason Cole Donuts Inc. Interview

WebProNews yesterday published a nice video interview where Abby Johnson of WPP interviews Mason Cole — Vice President, Communications and Industry Relations of Donuts Inc. The title of the video is “Why Donuts Inc. Is Banking on ICANN’s gTLD Expansion” and you can view it below:


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