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HEXONET announces more than 1 Million domains under management

May 17th, 2012 Comments off

German based HEXONET, a domain technology solutions provider, recently announced that they are now managing over a million domains for clients, resellers and partners. The one millionth domain milestone is a goal that many registrars strive for and HEXONET reached this goal last month.


The company empowers resellers to privately brand many unique internet services, including domain names available in hundreds of ccTLD’s via an API and web at wholesale prices. This is all done through 1API, an ICANN accredited registrar operated by HEXONET. Today thousands of resellers, startups, and service providers world-wide make HEXONET their solution provider of choice when it comes to registering domains, web hosting, private label dns services and ssl certificates.

HEXONET is headquartered in Homburg, Germany and has a North American subsidiary, HEXONET Services Inc. based out of Vancouver, Canada. It was in February of 2009 when Robert Birkner founded HEXONET Services Inc., the North American arm of HEXONET GmbH with former Key-Systems CEO and founder Jens Wagner.

Before joining HEXONET, Robert held important posts throughout the domain industry including General Manager of Hostway Canada, General Manager of Domainpeople Inc., Director of Global Domains at Hostway Corporation, and Director of Sales and International Business at Key-Systems GmbH.

Robert is known throughout the domain industry for his expertise on the industry’s business policy, market insight, product development, and especially for understanding the needs of end users and registrars. Robert also consulted on the re-launch of the .ME domain registry in 2008.

In recent years, the company has had a strong presence in domain conferences such as Domainfest and DNCruise, as well as ICANN meetings. Getting some big domain investment companies and professional domainers to come on board and use HEXONET’s platform has surely helped the company reach the 1 millionth milestone much faster than they probably expected.

After the jump you can find some of the highlights from the recent blog post announcement by Robert Birkner, Chief Strategy Officer at HEXONET Global, and founder & president of HEXONET Services Inc. in Vancouver, Canada.

A Hard Journey to 1 Million Domains:

1. Like any expanding company we have seen growing pains when it came to our employees.  Looking back on both the good and the bad, HEXONET has definitely seen the benefit of bringing in new ideas and minds into our organization.  New blood in the company exposed areas we were weak and helped us identify where we could improve.  Today the team is as talented and as strong as ever.  And we are now looking to add even more amazing people to our team.  Many lessons learned and many issues overcome.

2. Handling security as we grow has been a challenge, but we are on top of it.  Our biggest attack was about a year ago when HEXONET was hit with a massive DDOS.  The attack was on a unprecedented scale with over 2 million queries per second on all our servers generating over 80 Gbits of bandwidth.  This DDOS even saturated our upstream provider’s datacenter, one of Europe’s largest Internet hubs.  We are happy to announce that through proactive measures and procedures no DDOS attacks has affected HEXONET since this last incident.

Many Successes Along the Way:

1. Our reseller and partner network is growing exponentially.  Hosting companies, registrar service providers, domain resellers, domainers, and small businesses are now realizing the strength of HEXONET’s advanced and PROVEN technology platform.  In our opinion, for TLDs and especially ccTLDs, no other platform or service compares.

More than a decade ago, nearly all companies designed their systems for a handful of dominant TLDs (COM/NET), HEXONET on the contrary believed that eventually hundreds if not thousands of TLDs would be the norm.  So today, while others struggle and even hack every new TLD into their in-congruent systems, HEXONET seamlessly adds new TLDs, as our platform was designed to scale from the very beginning.  Even more important is the many years of engineering and operational knowledge held by our staff and engineers.  We can answer questions about the smallest operational and architectural nuisances for TLDs, a skill that only reveals itself when working with a registry system for years and years.

2. Our Registrar Operations Center platform (RegistrarOC), has also been garnering a lot of interest as well as clients among large corporate customers.  These clients with their own accreditations and a large number of domains now realize that there is a huge cost (time and salaries) to update and maintain their own registrar platform.  This is where RegistrarOC steps in and not only saves these companies money, but eliminates a huge operational and engineering burden.  Interestingly enough, prominent law firms are now becoming ICANN accredited to manage their clients domains.  Since law firms are typically not technical, many have turned to RegistrarOC and HEXONET to manage their accreditations.

3. With HEXONET’s platforms gaining popularity, many newTLDs have even come to us asking for help with running a house registrar of their own.  As a result, some .BRAND TLDs have committed to running their own house registrar service through 1API (HEXONET’s house registrar) or through utilizing RegistrarOC.

The Journey Continues – What to Expect:

1. A new and more friendly website launching this summer.

2. A newer and easier to use “orderform” to be progressively released throughout the year.  With each release new features will be available for clients.

3. More Control Panel enhancements and upgrades.  All these updates are from direct feedback and requests from our clients.  Some cool new bulk management features are coming!

4. General public “Domain for Sale” listing service on HEXONET’s domain auction platform  The site and auction service at has received tremendous feedback and now we are going to opening it up for members to auction off their own domains through the platform.

Even though we surpassed the 1 million domain goal for the company, we are not resting.  HEXONET continues to work hard for our customers.  Again to all our customers, resellers, and partners, thank you for your support and patronage.

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