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Libyan Government Seizes URL Shortener’s Domain

October 6th, 2010 Comments off

Is next?

As reported by TechYum, the domain for a URL shortener VB.LY, has been seized by the Libyan Government. The site touted itself as the first “sex-positive URL shortener”.

It’s official: the Libyan government has seized This was done with no warning. Despite the fact that was a one-page link-shortening service, (the registry for .ly domain reseller registrar Libyan Spider) informed us that the content of our website was offensive, obscene and illegal according to Libyan Islamic Sharia Law. Not the domain, but the content of the website – no matter where the domain was hosted.

Here’s a screenshot of the website (from TechYum as well):

Libyan Spider [ed. the registrar] has claimed a domain that had a good year of traffic and recognition. Interestingly, on June 1, Libyan Spider/ issued a statement that it would no longer sell domains less than four letters to non-Libyans, though those of us who had registered domains would be allowed to continue our renewals (and we renewed after this change went into effect). I’d also like to point out that I’ve since discovered that alcohol, women showing bare arms (uncovered) and images of Christmas are also prohibited under Libyan law.

[via CircleID]

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