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Tech Radar: “The new domain name system is causing problems for brands”

July 27th, 2014 Comments off
Tech Radar published an article todayon new gtlds and the problems brands are already having with protecting their brand. The article references a study from Brad Newberg at Reed Smith, the sample study took a look at 20 brands in the bicycle industry and how fast some of their names were taken by those not […]

.Broadway Resolved as 2 of 3 Apps are Withdrawn

July 25th, 2014 Comments off
Another new gTLD string has apparently been resolved, .Broadway The surviving applicant is Celebrate Broadway, Inc which is a Minds + Machines backed applicant. Those withdrawing their applications are and Donuts. We do not have any information regarding how the contention set was settle or what the terms were. We only know there were […]
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Is The U.S. Lagging Behind China in Domain Savvy ?

July 25th, 2014 Comments off
Kathy Nielsen did an article for Wired that took a look at the U.S. lagging behind China when it comes to gTLD awareness. From the article: The IDN movement is significant in China, which has 21.97% of the world’s Internet users, compared to just 9.58% of the world’s Internet users coming from the U.S. In […]
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Of The 9,025 .Voting Domains Registered Over 97% Registered To Co. With Ties To The Registry?

July 24th, 2014 Comments off

One company is responsible for registering over 97% of the 9,025 .Voting new gTLD domain names.

We reported earlier today that .Voting had 9,025 domain names registered after the first day of general availability

However we see that 8,811 of the 9,025 domain names were registered by the domain name registrar, Registry Gate GmbH” which seems to be a member of the Key Drive family of registrars.

All of the domain names registered at Registry Gate were registered to the same registrant:

Registrant Name: Chief Executive Officer
Registrant Organization: innotarget AG & Co. KG
Registrant Street: Max-Stromeyer-Strasse 116
Registrant City: Konstanz
Registrant Postal Code: 78467
Registrant Country: DE
Registrant Phone: +49.363937503639
Registrant Phone Ext: 3750
Registrant Email:

Now here is where it gets interesting

Here is the whois record for which is the registrants email address on the .Voting domains:

Registrant Organization: Innotarget AG & Co. KG
Registrant Street: Max-Stromeyer-Str. 116
Registrant City: Konstanz
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 78467
Registrant Country: DE
Registrant Phone: +49.753136393720
Registrant Email:
Admin Name: Dirk Hamm

The name Dirk Hamm matches the name of the contact for the new gTLD application filed with ICANN for .Voting which was filed by Valuetainment Corp.

The email address for Mr. Hamm on the ICANN new gTLD application for .Voting is, which uses the Name Servers:

These are the same Name Servers used on all of the 8,811 .Voting domain names registered to innotarget AG & Co. KG

This certainly would not be the first case of a new gTLD registry registering domains in its own extension but certainly raises the bar to a whole new level in terms of the percentage of domains registered and less than an transparent manner.

This Weeks New gTLD 1st Day Totals: .Voting 9,025; .Kaufen 4,325; Consulting 3,852; Media 3,438

July 24th, 2014 Comments off

Yesterday a bunch of new gTLD’s went into general availability (GA)  meaning domain names can be registered live on a first come first serve basis.

All total include any Sunrise registrations and any Landrush/Early Access Program (EAP) registration which took place before GA:

.Voting 9.025

.Kaufen which is German for the word “Buy” had 4,325

.Consulting  3,852

.Media 3,438

.Pictures 1,548

.Lease .538

We noted yesterday that .Pictures was the 4th of very similar domains to launch including .pics, photo and .photos and finds itself in 4th place.

Again we would point to first movers advantage.

We also asked in a poll a month ago which of the political domain names would to the best between .Voting, .GOP, .Democrat and .Republican .

.Republican hasn’t launched yet but .Voting blew the doors off of .GOP and .Democrat


I picked up a good chunk of .Media domain names including,, Publishing.Media, Newspaper.Media, Buying.Media,, Major.Media, Broadcast.Media; Outdoor.Media;  TheSocial.Media ( was reserved)  just to name a few.

Stats furnished by and





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Sunrise/Early Access Program Domains Taken in .Pictures: Fox, HBO & Some Good Generics

July 23rd, 2014 Comments off

We published a post earlier today that included .Pictures that went into general availability today.

We thought we would take a look at some of the more interesting Sunrise and Early Access Program (EAP) registrations for .Pictures keeping in mind some of these had a premium registration and renewal rate in addition to the EAP cost:


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gTLD’s: Now It Gets Interesting: .Pics, .Pictures, Photo, .Photos

July 23rd, 2014 Comments off

Tomorrow the new gTLD .Pictures launches into general availability  status meaning it can be registered on a first come first served basis.

We have been chatting about plural and singular new gTLD’s for a while as well as vertical competition but with the launch of this new domain name extension we can actually start to see what the effect of these different but similar strings have on the new gTLD program.


.Photos was the first of the five to launch on February 26th an is a Donuts extension.

.Photos currently has over 13,000 registrations placing it as the 20th most popular gTLD extension.

.Photos is priced at $17.99 at Godaddy.

.Photos has premium domain names priced at premium registration and renewal rates.


.Pics launched on April 15th and is owned by Uniregistry.

The domain is priced at $19.88 at Uniregistry (Godaddy is not selling the extension)

There are over 4,000 .Pics domains registered.

All domains are priced the same but the registry reserved many domains.

An affiliated company North Sound Names has bought some 40K+ domain names in Uniregistry strings but we don’t know how many were bought under this string if any.


.Photo also launched with .Pics on April 15th and is owned by Uniregistry.

There are over 8,000 .Photo domain names registered

The domain is priced at $29.95 at (extension not for sale at Godaddy)

An affiliated company North Sound Names has bought some 40K+ domain names in Uniregistry strings but we don’t know how many were bought under this string if any.


.Pictures domains are priced at $14.99 at Godaddy.

.Pictures goes into general availability today and its a Donuts string.

I just pulled the zone file and there are less than 200 registrations counting Sunrise and Early Access Program (EAP) registrations.

.Pictures has premium domain names priced at premium registration and renewal rates

We intentionally left .Photograph off the list, although certainly in the vertical we think the buy for this domain is the professional photographer and is a different kind of domain that the other three.

So what can we tell?

Well arguably .Photos is the best of the lot, but first mover advantage is pretty apparent.

Beyond that pricing seems not to be as important.

I’m not sure your going to get a huge increase is registrations because your retail price is $10 more or less than a similar string.

Renewal time will be telling especially when it comes to domains that have premium renewal pricing.



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.Moe Ends 1st Day Of General Avalibility With 1K Domains & Only Has 199,998,930 To Go

July 23rd, 2014 Comments off

The .Moe registry predicted that .Moe would get 200 Million domain name registrations in short order, blowing past .Com registration which are at over 113,500,000 registrations.

Well after the first day .Moe is well on its way after racking up 1,070 registrations after Sunrise, Landrush and on the 1st day of General Availability (GA).

.Moe is only short of its 200,0000,000 goal by 199,998,930.

At the price of a .Moe domain registration is $19.95

If your curious as to what people are registering under .Moe, three number domain are definitely popular as well as three letter domains 4 letter domains, first names and keywords.

There seems to be a decedent number of registrations using Moe to mean More or as used in pop culture the word “Mo” as in Get.Moe or (yes really)

And yes someone registered,, and real fans will get;

Someone also registered

Here are some other examples of .Moe registrations:

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Netsol .XYZ Registrations Top 300,000, Back Over 85% of all .XYZ Registrations

July 23rd, 2014 Comments off updated once again today and the number of .XYZ domain names registered at Network Solutions topped 305,000 registrations.

The total number of .XYZ registrations is at over 355,000

The share of .XYZ registrations attributable to NetworkSolutions (NetSol) is now back over 85%.

Network Solutions has been giving free .XYZ domain names to its existing customers on an opt out basis.

The issue was the  “Total count of unprocessed Domains:” which  just a few days ago as  listed on as 44,945 Domains”

I wrote to to ask them what unprocessed domains meant and why the amount of unprocessed domains for .XYZ was well over 10% of the total number of domains and higher percentage wise than any other new gTLD.

I got this response from on Friday:

“”We have some trouble with centralnic right now. I am already in contact with centralnic/xyz to investigate if there is a way to get around it.

Right now we only count domains listed in zonefile as active – we can’t update the registrar stats for xyz. I hope that we can fix it until next week.””

CentralNic is the backend provider for the .XYZ registry.

It appears all of the nprocessed domains have now been accounted for by

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I’ll Say It, 10K .Tokyo Domain Registrations Is Not Good

July 23rd, 2014 Comments off

.Tokyo launched and taking into account the 80+ Sunrise and Landrush application I would say a first day total of less than 10,000 registrations isn’t great.

The price of a .Tokyo domain name registration was very reasonable priced at around $15,

There were no premium registration and renewal priced domains although there were certainly reserved domains.

There were no residence restrictions on registrants.

Tokyo has a population of over 13 million people in the city and over 35 Million people in the Metro area.

That’s a lot of people.

Beyond that Tokyo is a economic power house.

According to Wikipedia, Tokyo has the largest metropolitan economy in the world.

Citing a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Tokyo urban area (35.2 million people) had a total GDP of US$2.91 trillion in 2012 (at purchasing power parity), which topped that list.

51 of the companies listed on the Global 500 are based in Tokyo, almost twice that of the second-placed city (Paris).

The city gets an estimated 5 million tourist a year from outside Japan and 420 million from Japan.

So its a city of over 13 Million people in the city, 35 million in the metro, a very lucrative economy with a huge corporate presence coupled with a low registration price and high tourism and they can only get 9,000 registrations on the 1st day of registration.

I have to call it like I see it and the results are not impressive in my opinion.

Moreover it appears only 8,000 of the 10,000 new gTLD .Tokyo may have come from within the country as the only Japanese registrar in the top 10, logged just over 8,000 registrations including Sunrise and landrush applications with the balance some 2,000 registrations coming from those who do to live or work in Tokyo.

Of course its only day 1 but I think so far pretty disappointing results.




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