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Nokta Domains continues to innovate aftermarket with domain name leasing

June 12th, 2012 Comments off

Nokta is one of the most innovative and successful companies in the domain space, as well as a one of the top 20 largest domain portfolio holders in the world. When we noticed that they were aggressively marketing their domains with the availability for lease, we decided to get in touch with them directly and get the inside scoop on what they were working on. Arif Sengoren, a Domain Sales Specialist with provided us insights into the company’s latest developments and future plans.

Nokta Domains For Lease

The company currently has 100,000 names in their domain portfolio. currently has well over 35,000 domains listed available for lease. Approximately 33,500 of them are English based keyword domains and the rest Turkish. Arif tells us that their catalog will increase during the 3rd and 4th quarter’s of 2012. Arif also mentioned that “we are open to any leasing offers for all of our domains. There is no reason to not to accept the offers to lease names.”

Indeed that seems to be the case, when you direct navigate (type-in) a domain owned by, you will see a parked domain page load up, which has a bright orange bar drop down from the top which says “This premium domain name may be listed for sale or lease.” A screenshot of, a domain name that is available for $250/month lease, and one of the better names available currently for lease at, can be viewed below:

We asked what are some of the best domains available for lease currently at Nokta. Arif was happy to provide us with a short list of some of their premium names below, which he says have received lots of offers in the past.

  • (We had a $30K)
  • (We sold plural version for $37.5K)
  • (We had a $25K offer)
  • (We had a $25K offer)

Lease Domain Names at

Nokta also has a premium selection of Turkish based keyword domains in .com and .net available for lease:

  • (Online Ticket)
  • (Airline Tickets, We sold the .com version of this keyword for $250K)
  • (Funny)
  • (News)
  • (Gifts)
  • (Retirement)
  • (Bets)
  • (Toy)
  • (Cotton)
  • (Wallet)

Nokta has been leasing domains for approximately 7 month’s now. First, they started leasing their Turkish names in November of 2011, and then English based names 2 month’s ago. Many times interested and/or potential buyers of domains cannot afford to pay the high price tag on any one of Nokta’s domains, in one lump sum, so leasing a domain is the best alternative when the purchase price is above the buyer’s budget.

Domain Names For Lease

Nokta’s primary goal is to provide a win-win situation. Customers can start their projects immediately by leasing a premium domain from Nokta. By leasing the names that cannot be sold in the short run due to their high prices, Nokta is able to manage their portfolio more effectively. Arif went on to say: “Leasing is like a parking but the revenue model of leasing is stronger than parking. The parking revenues are diminishing and volatile. Therefore, we wanted to be the start-up in this new business model.”

Domain leasing — the next big thing?

Nokta has only been leasing their best domains for two months and already they have secured leases for around 100 domains.  The company feels that there is a great deal of growth in this option.  A year from now, it would be safe to assume that number could grow exponentially to 1,000, since Nokta has begun deploying an aggressive strategy toward leasing.

Curious to learn more about the actual domain leasing process, DNN asked the company what are the steps involved in securing a domain lease. Arif gave us the following summary of how things work below. He tells us that every effort was made to simplify the leasing process:

  1. Choose the domain you want from our extensive list viewable at
  2. View the lease form.
  3. Negotiations of the few details in the “details page box” can be done via e-mail.
  4. Once agreement is reached, the final agreement is provided via fax/email for signature.
  5. Signed documents can be faxed/emailed with the original sent via post or courier.
  6. You receive access to the domain name upon Nokta’s receipt of the signed lease and payment of the deposit and initial lease payment.
  7. A copy of the signed agreement is returned to you for your records.
  8. Monthly/Yearly lease payments are accepted via Bank wire transfer, PayPal or credit card.

Domain Lease Agreement

Below are highlights from the summary of the domain leasing agreement:

  • Fixed Payments: You can determine the payment periods. You can pay monthly, quarterly or even yearly.  Payments increase annually.
  • 10% Discount for Advance Payments: If you pay annually in advance, you will get 10% discount.
  • Purchase Option & Price:  The Details page details if a purchase option is included and if so the purchase price.  You may exercise the purchase option any time during the term as noted in the agreement.  Depending on when you purchase, you will receive a credit towards the purchase price based on the lease payments you have made..
  • Deposit: There is a deposit requirement and the amount will be stated in the Details Page.   The purpose of the deposit is set out in the lease and is essentially our insurance policy.  If you terminate the lease agreement, the deposit will be refunded as per the agreement.
  • Control of the Domain: You have control over the domain via the name server designation and we will alter the designation as you request.  We will still own the domain and we are responsible for renewing it each year and dealing with the registrar.   We will place the domain under privacy WHOIS if requested.

Nokta is working closely with Paul Keating, Esq. Mr. Keating is a renowned domain name attorney and owns, a law firm with locations in Barcelona Spain and London UK. provides legal services for domain name owners, registrars and other service providers in the domain space.

Arif tells us that Mr. Keating is  involved in preparing the leasing agreements and is constantly sharing his thoughts and opinions in order to improve domain name leasing model/services.

Domain Name Lease

In addition to the recent introduction of domain leasing services, the company is making lots of new improvements to the website. Domain sales have been strong so far this year for the company according to Arif, and they are aggressively marketing their ccTLD domain portfolios in the respective local markets; UK (, South African (, Spanish (.es), and others.

Arif also informed DNN that they have finished their Domain Appraisal Project at the beginning of this year. They are currently deploying it in-house in order to determine the price of the domain names listed for sale on their marketplace. They are constantly tweaking and re-developing it to get more accurate results.

The company continues to actively acquire more domain names from the aftermarket to add to it’s portfolio. They use their own valuation tools in domain acquisitions. Some of the great names that were recently acquired by Nokta are,,, and

Nokta Domains

Above is a photo of some of Nokta Domains people. Top, in left to right order: Arif Sengoren, Hakan Isiktekin and Melih Yenigun. Bottom, in left to right order: Kübra Koseler, Burcu Mete Ekim and Merve Engin.

Nokta Domains’ technology team includes Hakan Isiktekin — Software Manager, Melih Yenigun — Software Engineer and Bahadir Ozavci — web developer, who just recently joined the Nokta team a few month’s ago.

The sales team includes Burcu Mete Ekim, who is the Operations Manager. Burcu is also responsible for overseeing the entire Sales and Technology teams. Merve Engin is a Domain Portfolio Sales Specialist, Kübra Koseler and Arif Sengoren are Domain Sales Specialists.

Yalcin Uysal is the Finance Manager of The company’s General Manager is Burcin Didinedin, who is also the co-founder of Nokta Internet Technologies and Nokta Media.

Nokta has a rich history and a bright future ahead

Nokta was founded and launched in Turkey in 2002 as Nokta Internet Technologies. It was later incorporated in North America in 2003 as, Inc. with 6 partners. The company specialized in direct navigation and domain name business and always focused on registering premium domain names. As a result, Nokta is today considered as one of the largest domain holding companies/portfolios in the world.

Arif tells us that the company got separated into two different companies in 2007: Nokta Media and Nokta Internet Technologies ( currently has 12 employees, responsible for all operations of the domain portfolio and serves customers from all over the world.

Nokta Media currently only serves the Turkish local market and it’s internet users. Arif told us that they have around 100 employees. Today, Nokta Media is one of the biggest internet companies in Turkey that reaches almost every Turkish user on a regular basis.

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