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Episode 39 – Reputation Management

June 6th, 2012 Comments off

And you thought every niche had been explored!

Online reputation management is another example of ‘new markets’ that are ripe for the picking.


Moby Dick Solo – John Bonham

Perry Marshall


Adam Dicker

mug shots

Reputation Repair

Domain Sherpa Reputation Repair

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Domain Names Podcast Episode 29 – No Brainer Tip

March 25th, 2012 Comments off


It really is a no brainer

There’s a lot to talk about this week. is for sale on flippa, lots of domain news, and Ed shares his “no brainer tip!” Flippa listing

domain name sales


domain scout

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Domain Names Podcast Episode 24 with Marc Ostrofsky from

June 5th, 2011 Comments off

This episode of Domain Names Podcast I speak with Marc Ostrofsky the author of Get Rich Click The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet.

Here is a piece about Marc from his website -

Marc Ostrofsky knows how to make money!

He is the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. He has founded, built up and sold over $100 million in businesses – starting with only a $5,000 car loan.

He is well known for his record sale of the domain name for $7.5 million which landed him in the Guiness Book of World RecordsTM as the most expensive domain name ever sold. was sold again in 2008 for $345 Million which landed Ostrofsky another windfall.

Marc says, “If you can click a mouse, you can make money on the internet.”

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Domain Names Podcast Episode 22 with Frank Schilling from

November 29th, 2010 Comments off

I am happy to say that my podcast with Frank Schilling from & has been finished and is now live!!

I had some issues with my emails not getting through to Frank which delayed the process, but I finally got it sorted with some help from my mate Ron Jackson from who passed on some messages to Frank on my behalf. Thanks a million Ron :-)

Ron did a brilliant cover story article about Frank on his blog back in 2007 which you can read here –

Frank is a legend in the Domain Name industry and very nice guy to boot.

For someone who achieved so much in a smaller amount of time than most other domain investors, he is a true champion of this business.

Frank’s blog, Seven Mile (named after the beach where he lives on the Grand Cayman Islands) is by far one of the best domain name blogs out there even though he only posts once a month or so but when he does it is true gold. If you have not read it make sure you put on your list of “must do” items.

Anyway, that is enough from me! Get stuck into the podcast.


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April 30th, 2010 Comments off

“I’ve spent so much time, money and effort on my website and it isn’t doing anything for me. I need someone to show me, in a language I understand, how to fix and get the most out of my website.” An Australian Small Business Owner

Only half of Australian small businesses have a website and of those businesses that have a website, less than a quarter of them feel they use their website and the Internet well enough to get a real tangible dollar benefit from it.

Achieve More Online is part of the Federal Government’s $14M Small Business Online program. The program will help small businesses, particularly those in tourism and professional services – get online and achieve more.

You may already have a website and want it to work harder for you. Or you may be looking to go online for the first time. Whatever stage you are at, the Achieve More Online program has 7 small business specialists who will show you, in simple steps, how to improve your online presence to ultimately put more $$ in your bottom line.

1 day hands-on workshop, 12 locations across WA and NT

In just 1 day, you’ll learn the 8 fundamental building blocks of a successful online marketing and website strategy and have a complete action plan to help you put that knowledge to use.

The 7 small business owners and specialists in their field will show you how to use the Internet to promote your business and create a website that works to deliver real dollars to your bottom line.

From business planning through to optimising your site for search engines and simple online marketing tools, everything you need to know about developing a better online business will be delivered to you in an interactive workshop and 1-to-1 mentoring sessions where we will help you solve your business’ specific problems.

At the end of the 1 day workshop, you’ll understand the 8 building blocks of a well balanced, effective online marketing plan:

  • business plan, target market & purpose
  • website design
  • content building & copywriting
  • graphic design & layout
  • website imagery & photos
  • website traffic generating tools such as pay per click advertising (PPC) & search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • website promotion & relationship building tools such as Twitter, Facebook & other social media
  • and the often underutilised and powerful email marketing tools you have at your disposal

All it costs is just 1 day and $49

In just 1 day you will have a complete action plan to create or upgrade your small business website and all for only $49.

You’ll know the right steps involved, and you’ll have a smart detailed action plan to get you started. You can contact us for follow-up support if you need further help or guidance throughout the program.

Want more information or to register?

Workshops commence in June across several locations throughout metropolitan and country WA and the Northern Territory.

Visit our website for more details and to register online or alternatively fill out the attached form and fax it back to us to secure your place.

If you have any questions please phone us on 1300 856 274.

We look forward to helping you get the most out of being online.

This is an Australian Government funded initiative under the Small Business Online program


Great Words of Wisdom from Perry Marshall

March 11th, 2010 Comments off

Perry Marshall The Definitive Guide To Google AdWordsThis great newsletter came through to me yesterday from my mate Perry Marshall and is well worth a read. With Perry’s permission I have reproduced it here for you all to read. Enjoy!


I just returned from Maui Hawaii, 100+ customers from a dozen countries face to face and palm to palm for 3 days. It was immensely energizing to
shake everyone’s hand and hear war stories and spend time together.

In that conference room you heard every kind of story you can imagine. There were people there who literally made a million dollars last month. There was probably somebody who LOST a million dollars last month. I have no doubt.

I know of one guy who was literally down to his last twenty dollars. A trip to a pricey seminar was his last wing and prayer. There were many businesses that have grown 400-500% in the last 12 months.

Welcome to the knife fight, to the rough and tumble world of being an entrepreneur. A universe of extremes. Work hard. Play hard. High highs. Low lows. Humiliation. Exhilaration.

When I moved from Nebraska to Chicago 17 years ago, there was a part of me that somehow just needed to flee safety and comfort. In pursuit of action and adventure.

Nebraska is a safe, genteel, polite, nonthreatening, mannerly place. And… it’s kinda boring there. I don’t have very many customers from Nebraska.
It’s just not a “Planet Perry” kind of place.

Here in Chicago we have the Chicago Bulls and Bears. Michigan Avenue and the Gold Coast. The Hancock Building and Navy Pier and yachts and hi-rise condos. O’Hare airport and tollways and commuter systems and Broadway shows and vast urban sprawl.

And gangs and drugs and hour-long commutes and gapers delays and starving artists and the West Side and the South Side and Joliet Federal Prison and crime and poverty and housing projects.

In Chicago, you get it ALL. From the ridiculous to the sublime. That’s why I love it here. My friend, there are some of us who are just BORN to thrive in extremes. You crave the WHOLE enchilada. You want access to the whole box of chocolates. You want the CHOICE to grab that nugget of mystery out of the box and get whatever you get. And reach for another and another.

It’s hard, but it’s better than the SAFETY of having someone else skim off the gourmet stuff and feed you stale 8-month-old Hershey bars. 150 years ago if you preferred the Wild West to a 3 bedroom condo and 3 square meals everyday, you were surely a little bit INsane.

Today, if you prefer the Wild West to institutional mediocrity, it’s  probably the best possible assurance that you ARE sane… that the world hasn’t yet pounded every last ounce of adventure out of your soul.  That you don’t want to sit in a cube under buzzing fluorescent lights and follow the car ahead of you to oblivion every day. You don’t want to gulp down antidepressants and watch TV from 5pm till bedtime.

If you thirst for greater things, if you dream of accomplishing something really big and daring in your life (and I’m NOT just talking about money by the way) then I’m here to tell you, you’re in good company.

If you’ve failed and failed and failed again…. or if you’ve achieved modest success only to have a monsoon wipe out what was so promising…. if you’re constantly dodging the snakes and arrows…. you’re in splendid company. It’s never too late for a comeback.

It may be lonely in your particular corner of cyberspace on a particular Tuesday afternoon, but I’m here to assure you, you’re not the only one. One more thing:

There is no such thing as a great person in history who was a “perfectly reasonable guy.” We’re all a little bit unreasonable, a little shaky, a little insane. And driven by an inner fire that won’t go out. Passion is the fire that lights itself. If you have that Passion, give thanks for it, honor it, and press into it. Harder. Not everybody has it. But you do. And you know it. So write it in blood. Put it in an obvious place so you never let yourself forget it.

The entire history of your life culminates in the present moment, and all the possibilities that it holds. Right now.

Every hour, every day…. …seize the day.

Perry Marshall

P.S.: You’re awesomer than you think you are.

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Domain Names Podcast Episode 19 with Perry Marshall, Google AdWords Guru!

January 19th, 2010 Comments off

Perry Marshall The Definitive Guide To Google AdWordsAs promised a few weeks back I have just finished interviewing my mate Perry Marshall who I consider to be one the worlds leading authorities on the subject of Google AdWords.

I have learned a great deal from him over the years regarding Google AdWords and my AdWords Consulting business would not be where it is today if it were not for his help and guidance.

Using Google AdWords is just another way of getting targeted traffic to your website and I know many domainers are using it as they get more into developing their domains.

If used correctly it can be a brilliant marketing tool that can bring you instant results but if you don’t know what you are doing it can max out your credit card very very quickly.

If you have not already read Perry’s brilliant book The Definitive Guide To Google AdWords then do yourself a favor and grab a copy as it will save you a great deal of pain and expense in learning the tricks of AdWords.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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Upcoming Podcast with Perry Marshall, Google AdWords Guru!

January 7th, 2010 Comments off

Hi All,

Happy New Year!

Over the past 2 + years since I started this domain names blog / podcast I have had many people email me who know I am a Google AdWords Consultant asking if I can do a podcast on Google AdWords relating to the synergies that it has with domain names. The two go hand in hand as far as I am concerned and a great domain name used in a great, well targeted & written AdWords campaign can be unstoppable if implemented properly.

Perry Marshall The Definitive Guide To Google AdWordsI was considering doing it just on my own but I think a conversation style of podcast is much more interesting than just listening to me talking! So I have enlisted the help of my friend and Google AdWords Guru Perry Marshall to join me and have a talk about how to best use AdWords for your Domain / Website and get the most bang for your buck from AdWords. Perry is without a doubt one of the top people who has written & spoken about Google AdWords back when it first started and he has been my mentor on the subject ever since.

Perry’s eBook  that he co-authored with Bryan Todd  The Definitive Guide To Google AdWords is the Bible for AdWords users and I have been reading the latest 2010 updated 277 page edition which is packed with brilliant examples of how to get the most from AdWords.

Perry is probably best known with his association with AdWords but is a brilliant marketer of which Google AdWords is just one of his weapons of choice online.
If you have never heard of Perry before then I guarantee you are in for a treat and will have access to some powerful marketing tools by following what Perry has to offer.

I will be recording the podcast with Perry early next week, so if you have any questions relating to Google AdWords then please email them to me before the 10th of Jan.



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Upcoming Interview with Johns Wu, creator of

August 17th, 2009 Comments off

bankaholic-logoNext week I will have the pleasure of having as a guest on Domain Names Podcast, Johns Wu the original owner / creator of For those of you who have been living in a cave without internet for the past 9 months, Johns sold to for a reported US$15 Million dollars after only a few years of the site being created (in WordPress by the way). Nice going Johns!

If you have any questions you would like me to ask Johns in the interview then please email me ed(@) or make a comment on this post. Cheers Ed

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Domain Names Podcast Episode 12 with Edwin Hayward

July 14th, 2009 Comments off

edwin_small2On this, Episode 12 of Domain Names Podcast my guest is Edwin Hayward from

I was fortunate enough to meet Edwin on the first day of the Traffic ccTLDs  conference in Amsterdam and spent many hours talking about domains with him. He is a very switched on guy and has been around the domain industry since the mid to late 90′s and started one of the first ever if not the first website all about buying, selling and investing in domain names called

Many of you may have seen it of late as it is still around but was sold by Edwin several years ago to its current owners.

One of Edwin’s current projects (of which there are many) is his domain sales website which lists many of his domains for sale targeted mainly at the .CO.UK domain market.

This is the longest podcast I have done at 1Hr & 16Mins in length. (yes I know I could cut it in half and have 2 separate podcasts, but time is just not permitting on that front) as Edwin has some great insights into many other domain related subjects such as domain development, mini-sites, marketing of domains and much much more.

Make sure you take notes as there are some gems in this podcast for those of you who have your ears and your mind open!

So grab yourself a cup of something, sit down and enjoy the podcast.