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DOMAINfest Officially Not Returning To The Playboy Mansion

August 11th, 2011 Comments off
Earlier today sent out a press release announcing DOMAINfest’s Global 2012 date, January 31 to February 2. The one question I had, and I’m sure everyone had, will they be ending at the Playboy Mansion again?. Well, I emailed Oversee and this was their official response. “After three years of Farewell Parties at the [...]

Health Officials Find Source of Legionella at Playboy Mansion

March 1st, 2011 Comments off

The LA Times is reporting that Los Angeles health officials have discovered the Legionella bacteria in a water source at the famous Playboy Mansion.  In case you haven’t been following the story, hundreds of Domain Fest attendees reported symptoms similar to those common in cases of Legionnaires and Pontiac Fever after attending Domain Fest events.

Speculation from conference attendees centered around activities at the Playboy Mansion because of it’s array of water sources including a pool, the famous grotto and fog machines used on the dance floor.

An attendee from Europe was one of the first reported on DnJournal to have been diagnosed with Legionnaires.  As the reports started mounting a health department investigation began.  As you can expect if you put the name Playboy and disease together, you’re sure to instigate a media frenzy, not to mention a few stand up comedy bits.

Early on in the investigation, Playboy officials and even Hugh Hefner himself came out stating “There is no truth in the rumor that anyone caught anything at the Playboy Mansion. Nor is there any evidence.” It’s good to see that they’ve isolated the source and that this can be fixed.

Elliot Silver has pointed out that the CDC did not confirm that the illness attendees experience was a result of the reported Legionella bacteria found at the Mansion.

This does not however confirm Legionella as the source of the illness, as Legionella bacteria are commonly found in moist or wet environments. “We are still considering several possible causes of illness,” said Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, Director of Public Health and Health Officer.

Ok, so they found the source and they’re not going to say that this is what caused the illnesses.  Fair enough but it appears that the deductions are already being made by LA Times.

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DomainConvergence 2011, May 12-13, Montreal, Canada

Want Media Attention? Mention Playboy Mansion and Sick Visitors In Same Sentence

February 12th, 2011 Comments off

It sounds like something from an episode of CSI: Hollywood Hills. Enter a group of young professionals partying it up at a fund-rasier at the famous Playboy Mansion.  Cut ahead 24-hours, and one of the “guests” is writhing in pain, sweating feverishly in his hotel room (and he’s not on his computer chasing after a Namejet auction).  Wait, cancel that scene, make it dozens of guests from around the world.  Seriously, who’s working on the script for this right now. . .  Law and Order? House? CSI ? Bones ? Maybe Fringe ?  If you are reading this and you’re writing in an evil character. He/she needs to be named Halvarez to make it authentic. :)

So, while the story sounds straight out of Hollywood (because it is), it’s not a made for TV story,  though it’s sure one the media seem to be loving.  No direct signs from the investigation are pinning the mystery illnesses on anyone, including the Playboy Mansion, though the mainstream media are eating this story up, as sick domainers want to point the finger.  Sensational !

I talked to David Castello tonight who told me he had just finished an interview with Good Morning America, Fox, ABC, The LA Times, and KTLA.  Elliot Silver and Ron Jackson were interviewed on page 6 of the NYPost.  The Drudge Report picked that up and slapped it on the front page. The story has now been picked up by the AP, so it’s now circulating through other news outlets like NPR and the San Jose Mercury News and likely will be on the pages of your local paper Monday morning.

Not exactly the mainstream coverage the domain business was seeking. The Los Angeles County Health Department is on the case. I sincerely hope they get it straightened out and I hope everyone is feeling better soon. If you were at the event, regardless of being ill or not, please fill out the survey on the website

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DomainConvergence 2011, May 12-13, Montreal, Canada