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Keep Playing the Music . . . Really, The Ship’s Not Sinking, Part 2

October 10th, 2012 Comments off

Over 4 years ago, I wrote a post about the results of the 2008 TRAFFIC auction. That auction did over $4.3 million in sales.  Can you imagine ?  Back then the entire industry was looking for a barometer of the state of the business during a tough time, and the results were considered dismal with a total sale volume of ONLY $4.3 million.  Times sure have changed!

If TRAFFIC auctions were a barometer of the market conditions, what are they today ?  I think they may have sold under $150,000 in names.  Rick just posted on his blog “The market is a snapshot of things and the picture it took was not very good. While many attendees are doing well, the average domainer is not.”

We don’t have the official results from TRAFFIC yet but a lot of domains didn’t sell and a those that sold didn’t fetch big prices. That’s the snapshot.  The results DNN posted live were terrible, but I think they can be expected based on the names. Rick promised this to be a list of domains that would put a buyer in the top of the pack of all domainers.  There were some good ones (I even bought one) but I’m not sure the list could completely deliver on that promise.  Rick just said “I can only choose domains that folks want to sell and look at it through the eyes of a domainer.”   I know that’s a hard task. I’ve done it before and everyone is a “keyboard critic”.  You do have to work with what’s been submitted and sometimes you go with what you have been handed.  I don’t think that price to quality ratio were at a level that domain/investors would bite right now (more on that later).

Andrew Alleman wrote in his piece that this TRAFFIC auction was the most exciting in years.  I wasn’t at the auction so I can’t comment on the buzz or on how exciting the room was, but I think even though Andrew is taking a beating about his post, the buzz and excitement is a good sign.  It shows what I believe to be true too, it’s a buyer’s market and there really are buyers wanting to put money in to domains still.  Rick even mentions the names of buyers who did buy at this auction. They’re domainer/investors.  Guys whose names you know from other blog posts : Mike Berkens, Sean Sullivan, Morgan Linton, Darren Cleveland, Gregg, McNair, Russ Goodwin, Bill Sweetman, Brain Benko (who bid/bought on my behalf).

Raymond over at Hybrid Domainer asked if the time for live auctions had passed.  I commented in length about my experience and thoughts on auctions over there,  but to summarize, I believe live auction events need to be aggressive and open.  They need to do aggressive marketing and be aggressive about getting great names at great prices.  This is nothing new really though, but the domainer/investor buyers are much more savvy and much more choosy today.  They’ve got a lot of inventory that they can choose from just buying a name over at or finding on a drop list.

A live auction should be open and never turn away a bidder and provide a technology that allows bidding online.  The phone bidding at TRAFFIC required prior registration which I didn’t know about so I called a friend.  I know first-hand how tough the technology side is to pull off.  I helped put together an auction on a shoe-string budget from a Vegas hotel room (not a conference room) and we did $150,000 on our first attempt.  It wasn’t easy.  I’ve also been involved in several auctions that melted down because of technology limitations at the hotel.  It can be done though and it has been done.  Let’s not bother if we’re not doing it live and online though.  As DomainShane said “It baffles me that in 2012 we still have this limitation”.

Every day domainer/investors spend thousands of dollars at NameJet and SnapNames auctions bidding live online from the comfort of their homes, so there are buyers still out there.  They don’t even need audio/video on those systems . It’s something we’ve all come to expect at the live events but it’s not necessary.  Being in a room with a bunch of domainer/investors doesn’t do anything but allow you to show-off your bidding really.

As for the “end-user”, it’s my opinion that they generally don’t care about live auctions.  I’ve marketed domains from our auction to this sort of buyer.  Unless the deal is out of this world and they must have the name, they’ll buy your domain when they’re ready.  We’ve seen end-user buyers bidding at live auction events and they’ve bought some big dogs. We have to hand it to the remarkable marketing of these live auction companies that pull in these bidders.  That’s not an easy task. I’d venture to guess they put a lot of effort in to getting those names and those buyers all lined up months ahead of the event.

The “Titanic” of live domain auctions may have sunk (again?), and as Rick said, there’ll be people dancing on the grave.  I don’t think the grave is the domain aftermarket though.   The good news for domain investors is that there are still buyers out there.  I can attest to this, I had one of the best quarters ever this year selling, and I’m still buying as well.  I made more on sales this year than ever and I’m not really a seller.  Buyers are picky though, especially domainer/investor buyers.  They’re looking for good domains, cheap.  They know everyone is selling and the buyer pool has become smarter and savvier.  If you want to continue to sell names at live auctions targeted at domainer/investors, give ‘em  what they want.

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TRAFFIC 2012 Awards Nominations close today

July 25th, 2012 Comments off

As posted yesterday via email and on Rick’s Blog, the Targeted T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2012 Awards nominations are open until COB today. You can send the nominations via email to trafficawards (at)


The T.R.A.F.F.I.C. AWARDS have become the oldest, most sought-after and prestigious Domain Industry awards because winners are selected by your peers and presented annually each Fall since 2004. This year marks the 9th Annual Awards with the Ceremonies scheduled to take place at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2012, at the Ft. Lauderdale Beach Ritz-Carlton Resort on Tuesday, October 9, 2012.

This year we have added DOMAIN BROKER OF THE YEAR as a new category. You may nominate one person in each category by filling in your preferences below and sending back this email to trafficawards at before 6PM EDT Wednesday July 25th.

The AWARDS are:

BEST NEW MONETIZING SOLUTION (the NEW company with best monetizing results)

I nominate:


BEST OVERALL DOMAIN SOLUTION (this includes Revenues, Sales, Development, etc.)

I nominate:


THE “WE GET IT” AWARD ( this goes to the brick and mortar company that understands the value of a good domain)

I nominate:


DEVELOPER OF THE YEAR (self-explanatory)

I nominate:


DOMAIN BROKER OF THE YEAR (the person or company that is the most successful in brokering the sale of domains)

I nominate:


BEST DOMAIN BLOG (the one that you can’t miss)

I nominate:


SPONSOR OF THE YEAR (the company that really gives the best customer service)

I nominate:


DOMAINER OF THE YEAR ( the person who stands above the rest in the domaining industry) Past Winners Include: Richard Lau, Rick Schwartz, Frank Schilling (2005 & 2011), Kevin Ham, Rick Latona, Mike Berkens, Gregg McNair.

I nominate:


DOMAIN HALL OF FAME (two people are inducted each year, but only nominate one)

The following have already been inducted to the DOMAIN HALL OF FAME:

I nominate:

Thanks for Participating!
Rick Schwartz
Howard Neu

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Targeted T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2011 Florida Live Auction Results

October 18th, 2011 Comments off

We are were remotely live blogging the auction results of the pay per placement Targeted T.R.A.F.F.I.C.  2011 Live domain auction held in Florida by the organizers of TRAFFIC today. As always we do not guarantee the accuracy of these results. Some of the unsold names were offered at financing terms based on their real reserve, a 25% down payment and financing over 1-3 years in a “second chance” round. In the second chance round only one additional name out of  the seven that were brought up again sold ( Some work remains after the auction, as a number of domains were marked sold pending seller approval.

According to DNN’s tally (including the sales pending seller approval), the auction sold 45 of 120 domains for a total of $277,300.00 at a sell-through rate of 37.5%.

See the full live auction results after the jump.

Lot #Domain(s)Reserve underStatusPrice $25,000pass $10,000pass$0SOLD$10,000$0SOLD$2500 $50,000pass
6Rice.TV $5000SOLD$2000$0SOLD$4000 $5,000SOLD $2000 $10,000pass $10,000pass & $10,000SOLD$5000 $25,000SOLD * pending seller approval$9000 $15000pass $1500pass $10,000pass $200,000pass(last live bid $80,000) $10,000pass(last live bid $5000) $30,000pass $50,000pass $10,000pass(last live bid $1,000)
21Local.XXX$0SOLD$6,000 $10,000pass(last live bid $500) $10,000SOLD * pending seller approval$9,500$0SOLD$3,000
25Juicy.XXX $15,000SOLD$2,500 $650,000pass(last live bid $25,000)$0? $50,000pass(last live bid $5,000)$0SOLD$500 $50,000pass and $85,000pass(last live bid $500)
32Trading.TV $12,500pass(last live bid $2,000)$0SOLD$3,000, and $100,000pass(last live bid $5,000) $10,000pass
36Chatroom.XXX $15,000SOLD$10,000$0SOLD$400$0SOLD$600?
39Hotties.XXX $15,000SOLD$3,500? $20,000pass$0SOLD$600 $20,000pass(last live bid $1,000) $20,000pass(last live bid $2,500) $50,000pass(last live bid $20,000) and$0SOLD$1,500
46Reserved For a Category Killer Domain Name $750,000scratchedscratched $100,000pass(last live bid $25,000)
48Singles.XXX $80,000pass(last live bid $19,000) $7500pass(last live bid $1,500)$0SOLD$2,750 $40,000pass $10,000SOLD$2000
53Personals.XXX $50,000SOLD$25,000 *Package $50,000 / $25,000 (second chance)pass / pass(last live bid $6,000)
55Blondes.XXX $50,000pass(last live bid $5,000)
56OUI.TV $5000SOLD$600 $2500SOLD$600 $15,000pass(last live bid $3,000) $25,000pass(last live bid $12,000) $10,000pass $3MMpass(last live bid $250,000)$5000 / $3000 (second chance?)pass(last live bid $100)
63Party.XXX $60,000pass(last live bid $25,000) $3,000pass(last live bid $400)$0SOLD$750 $125,000 / $25,000 (second chance)pass $30,000pass $25,000SOLD$12,500 ???,000pass(last live bid $60,000) $3500pass(last live bid $1,000)
71Virtual.XXX $15,000SOLD$5,000$0SOLD$3,500 $30,000pass $350,000pass(last live bid $25,000) $75,000pass(last live bid $1,000) $25,000pass(last live bid $1,000) $500,000pass(last live bid $80,000)$0SOLD$1,500 $5,000pass(last live bid $500) $3,000pass $5000SOLD$500 $5,000pass(last live bid $400) $10,000pass(last live bid $500) $10,000 / $5,000 (second chance)?SOLD$5,000 (second chance) $10,000SOLD(last live bid $6,750) and .net $275,000pass(last live bid $50,000) $30,000 / $25,000 (second chance)pass(last live bid $10,000) $50,000 / $40,000 (second chance)pass(last live bid $20,000) (chinese for "casino")$0SOLD$500$0SOLD$200 $10,000pass(last live bid $2,000),, $10,000pass(last live bid $500)$0SOLD$3750 $5000pass(last live bid $1500) $35,000pass(last live bid $6000)$0SOLD$800
97Orgy.XXX $50,000SOLD$25000
98Wet.TV $6000SOLD * pending seller approval$2800 $10,000pass(last live bid $2500)$0SOLD$3250 and $70,000SOLD * pending seller approval$45,000
102Adult Portfolio includes: /, $100,000pass(last live bid $2500)$0SOLD$1,500 $30,000 / $25,000 (second chance)pass(last live bid $1,000)$0SOLD$200 $35,000SOLD * pending seller approval$20,000
107Men.Mobi$0SOLD$500 $250,000pass(last live bid $5,000) $800,000pass(last live bid $25,000) and $20,000SOLD$38,000 $100,000pass(last live bid $19,000)
112Stars.XXX $100,000pass(last live bid $15,000)
113GreatBritain.TV$0SOLD$500 $50,000pass(last live bid $32,500) $200,000pass(last live bid $50,000) $800,000pass(last live bid $150,000) $800,000pass(last live bid $200,000) and $1.5MMpass(last live bid $100,000) $1MMpass(last live bid $425,000) $4MMpass(last live bid $750,000)

Explanation of the Auction Stati:

  • SOLD: Domain was sold to highest bidder
  • SOLD * pending seller approval: Domain was pronounced sold by the auctioneer since bidding was close to the reserve price. However since the reserve price was not reached, the sale needs to be approved by the seller.
  • pass: The domain name was not sold since there were no bids or bidding did not reach the reserve.

(c) 2011 (3)


A web address for great ideas. What a great idea.

.CO is for creators. For the people and businesses who make the world turn.
From products and stories to brands and beliefs, .CO is the web address that makes “making your idea a reality” a reality.

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Source Claims Schwartz and Ruddell Feud Biggest Stunt Yet

April 1st, 2011 Comments off

Please note that the following is a parody intended for April Fools day 2011.

DNN has received an insider tip from a Miami Beach domainer who informs us that he has spotted Chef Patrick and Rick Schwartz together enjoying dinner with Alina Schwartz, Howard and Barbara Neu, Ray Dillman, and an unidentified young male.  Photographs sent from our sources mobile phone are a bit blurry but by the looks of it Chef (in green on the right next to the male in pink pants) and Schwartz (at the head of the table) seem to be enjoying a dinner together.  Smiles all around.  Our source says there was lots of “laughing and high-fiving.”

The most revealing part is our source claims to have overheard the 2 conference organizers plotting and scheming.  “They were talking about what they were going to do next and how they really pulled one over on everyone”   You have to hand it to Ruddell and Schwartz, these guys really know how to get people talking about them.  Their recent feud over Ruddell’s reported breach of whois privacy has garnered hundreds of comments on their respective blogs and drawn attention to both men.  As they say “There’s no such thing as bad press” . . . fake press, well that’s a different story.

(c) 2011 (2)

DomainConvergence 2011, May 12-13, Montreal, Canada

Rick Schwartz Sells to

July 19th, 2010 Comments off

Rick “DomainKing” Schwartz has just posted a press release on his blog according to which he sold the domain name to Punchbowl Software, Inc , a developer of party and event planning website. The sales price of the domain has not been disclosed and the company states that it still working on a new site for the domain. Currently the domain name redirects to their site ““.

(c) 2010

Offer: .com/.net domains only $7.98/yr! Specializing in .kr domains $40/yr
Get expired / deleting domains $14.98/yr fixed price

Rick Schwartz Nexts

April 1st, 2010 Comments off

Please note that the following is a parody intended for April Fools day 2010.

Rick Schwartz announced on his blog today that he is seeking trademark infringement charges against up-and-coming web cam website for it’s use of his trademarked phrase “Next”.

The popular site lets users chat with random people. If you are not interested in talking to a particular person you can pass on to the next person by clicking the “NEXT” button.  Users of the site have coined the action as a “nexting” or getting “nexted”.

Schwartz claims in his charges that the “Next” phrase has been clearly lifted from his first use in commerce of 1996.  “I NEXTED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE BEFORE THIS KID EVEN KNEW WHAT .COM WAS. HE’S GOT SOME NERVE !! ,” stated Schwartz in a statement to DNN.

(c) 2010

Upcoming Domain Industry Events, Conferences & Auctions

Domain Camp Seeks To Take Domainers Back To The Roots

April 1st, 2010 Comments off

Please note that the following is a parody intended for April Fools day 2010.

Domain Name News editor Adam Strong and Fin Lemonde have announced a new “back to the roots” event coined DomainCamp.  The new “unconference” seeks to reconnect domainers to the roots of where the domaining industry began.   New domainers and even old-school domainers that have been at it a long time can benefit from “slipping in to the shoes of some of the pioneers of this business” stated Strong.  “See through their eyes and learn how they got to where they are.

Events and outings planned for the month long excursion include :

  • Watermelon picking with Scott Day
  • Wiring and electrical demonstrations by Garry Chernoff
  • Visits to health care clinics with Dr Kevin Ham
  • Door-to-door sales demonstrations with Rick Schwartz

Accommodations are limited. Strong has reserved a 1984 Honda Accord, a VW bus and 2 double wide trailers for VIPs accommodations.  Up to 25 guests can be accommodated in tents, Strong’s parents basement or above his Uncle Gus’ garage.  Sleeping bags, Ramen Noodles and Mountain Dew will be provide for all guests.  “We really want people to feel the whole experience of what it means to be a domainer and feel that deep in their soul. This is a not to miss experience.

(c) 2010

Upcoming Domain Industry Events, Conferences & Auctions Parent Seeks Bankruptcy Protection

January 1st, 2010 Comments off ScreenshotAs per an article by the South Florida Business Journal, the parent company of, FFS Data, has filed for Chapter 11 reorganisation on December 23rd. The company cites $9.1 million in assets versus $27.5 of debt and $15.7 million income so far.

Aside from, the company also runs related portals under the names of, and On July 22nd of 2008 the company, lead by Brad Geisen, had announced that they were purchasing from Rick Schwartz for an undisclosed amount, but yet the negotiations were broken off in October 2009 since the lawyers were not able to agree on terms for the deal, according to a blog post by self-proclaimed “Domain King” Rick Schwartz.

[Thanks to our Friends at ExpertName for the tip.]

TRAFFIC Adds Night Pass

October 13th, 2009 Comments off

For all you late night partying domainers, there’s some good news coming from the TRAFFIC show. Rick Schwartz announced today that the TRAFFIC domain show in New York will be adding a new “Night Pass”.  The $995 pass allows attendees to be at the auctions, night parties and the trade show floor after 4pm.

“We know besides the 300+ people that will register for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in New York there will be lots of additional folks that will be in the city during TRAFFIC and would like to attend but are “Night Owls” and don’t want to go to the seminars and meals and still pay full pop to get in. So Mike Fiol suggested a new NIGHT TRAFFIC PASS. “

We’ve felt TRAFFIC was sorely lacking some sort of “ala carte” pass for a while now.  Many attendees come to the shows to have meetings with other attendees and don’t tend to sit in on the conferences, browse the show floor or  enjoy any meals.  There’s attendees who just want to watch the auction and there’s likely attendees who don’t want any of the late night partying either (though likely very few).  I think I’ve had 2 meals on-site at the last domain shows that I attended, yet my admission was paying for all that food.  I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a daily pass or one without meals as options, but this new idea is a step in the right direction.

Kudos to Rick for listening to feedback and making this available. I know quite a few people who fall in to this demographic, but they may have already bought their ticket.

(c) 2009

Upcoming Domain Industry Events, Conferences & Auctions