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ICM Registry confirms new TLD applications for .Sex, .Adult and .Porn

April 12th, 2012 Comments off

As reported by Business Insider, ICM Registry, the operator of the .XXX TLD launched in December of 2011 has submitted applications to ICANN in the new gTLDs program for the .SEX,. ADULT and .PORN TLDs. The launch of .XXX faced opposition from within and outside the adult industry, but has managed to register over 210,000 domains to date. If they are selected to run the new TLDs they promise .XXX registrants a grandfathering clause allowing them to claim the same domains in thew new TLD.s


See the full press release after the jump.


.XXX Operator Applies to ICANN for More Adult Top-Level Domains


Unprecedented ”Grandfathering” * Clause Protects Existing .XXX Domain Holders by Reserving Matching .SEX, .PORN and .ADULT Domains


Palm Beach Gardens, FL  (April 12, 2012) - ICM Registry, the registry operator for the .XXX top-level domain (TLD) for online adult entertainment, today announced a significant move to protect .XXX participants by submitting applications for three additional adult entertainment-related TLDs — .SEX, .PORN and .ADULT. Under new rules finalized in 2011, ICANN, the governing body for Internet names and numbers, began accepting applications for new domain extensions at the beginning of this year.

“ICM Registry has worked for more than a decade to create .XXX which has become a globally accepted and responsible place for adult online entertainment to thrive in an easily recognizable self-regulated environment,” said Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry. “We are dedicated to protecting interested stakeholders by providing the latest technology and the best domains which is why we created the .XXX TLD. We chose to submit applications for additional TLDs to spare .XXX participants from needless expense and to ensure the TLDs will be run in the same trustworthy and appropriate ways that .XXX is today.”

If awarded these new TLDs, ICM Registry is offering an unprecedented “grandfathering” clause and will automatically reserve matching names at no cost for those who already have .XXX domains. .XXX registrants can chose to do nothing and the matching names will never be released under the new TLD suffixes. If however, registrants choose to register the new names for use, there will be a nominal fee. This means .XXX domain holders can potentially triple their exposure and value of their holdings, while brand and trademark holders who own .XXX domain names are automatically protected and will not have to register for the new domain names.

“ICM Registry has invested just under two million dollars in these applications to support our existing customers,” said Lawley. “By offering the grandfathering clause at no charge, we are demonstrating our commitment to our adult entertainment community and will not collect fees for this from anyone who already has purchased a .XXX domain by the appropriate cut-off date.”

In December 2011, ICM Registry launched the world’s only internet TLD dedicated to adult entertainment. In doing so, ICM Registry adopted industry-leading best practices to create a safe place for visitors to interact with online adult entertainment. These practices include daily malware scanning of all .XXX sites by McAfee. The .XXX TLD has more than 215,000 domains under management. ICM Registry also created a fair and easy way for individuals and trademarked brands to protect against undesired use of their names with a rapid takedown and dispute process.

Each of the new TLD applications were submitted under separate, wholly-owned subsidiaries of ICM Registry LLC: ICM Registry SX LLC, ICM Registry PN LLC, and ICM Registry AD LLC.

*Click here for more information on the “Grandfathering” clause.

* Click here for more information on ICANN new gTLDs.

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Sex.Sex Trademark Owner Searching For A Buyer

March 30th, 2010 Comments off

Sex seems to be a hot topic in domain land. DNN was tipped about an Ebay auction in which a trademark for is for sale.

The owner of the trademark believes that his mark for , filed in July 2008 with a claimed first use in commerce of March 2009, will provide a leg up in the inevitable quest to capture the new TLD .sex

The owner states in the Ebay auction description :

The trademark is valuable because:

* The bidding for the TLD .SEX won’t just be about the highest price – it must also reflect existing trademarks and business names. We believe that owning the trademark will provide an advantage when ICANN make their decision.
* If a bidder is successful in obtaining the TLD .SEX without ownership of, they should be obliged to allow the trademark holder to register on their system.
* Registering a trademark is complicated, there are lenghty approval process and proof of usage issues.

Is the best word combination if there were a .sex gTLD ?  We can think of quite a few words that go before the .sex that would make more sense and seem to be much more targeted than this.

Trademarking of popular phrases occurred with the release of .EU and other extensions, and we suspect there will be more filings of trademarks and claims like this when other new gTLDs actually go live.  There was also a great deal of trouble getting .xxx approved, so why would a .sex TLD be any easier to get approved.

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