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Brand owners/trademark holders: The top 10 things to do on ICANN’s upcoming new gTLD’s “reveal day”

June 8th, 2012 Comments off

ICANN will hold a special news conference in London UK on June 13th 2012, only days from now, where they will finally unveil the gTLD applicants and strings. The “big reveal” event as everybody is calling it, will finally shed some light on which city’s, governments, companies, brands, organizations, domain registry start-ups, and others have applied for .whatever under the new gTLDs program.

Doug Isenberg, a domain name attorney and founder of the GigaLaw firm, writes in his latest blog post: “Reveal Day is likely to create a lot of confusion among all except those who have followed these developments most closely.” In anticipation of widespread misunderstandings among trademark owners, mainstream media and average internet users, Doug has decided to create top 10 list of the most important things to do which you can find quick summaries of below.

  1. Review the list of new gTLDs published by ICANN.
  2. Don’t panic.
  3. Begin to consider whether you might want to file any objections
  4. If you applied for one or more gTLDs, prepare to respond to any objections.
  5. Watch for more details about the Trademark Clearinghouse.
  6. Remember the UDRP.
  7. Don’t get excited about the URS.
  8. Don’t question whether you should have applied for a gTLD of your own
  9. Ignore the press.
  10. Talk with your attorney. Now.

To read the detailed explanations and suggestions for each of the above “most important things to do on ICANN’s big reveal day” which happens June 13th 2012, head on over to Doug’s blog which provides insights and analysis about ICANN, new generic top level domains, the UDRP, domain name disputes and related legal issues.

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