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Uniregistry new gTLD registry aims to put registrants first

June 10th, 2012 Comments off

We’ve now learned about another new gTLD registry operator,Uniregistry.  The guy behind the company is none other than Frank Schilling, one of the most successful and well respected domain investors around today. So, we reached out to Frank Schilling, managing director of Uniregistry, to get some more details about the newly unveiled company that is going to be shaking things up in the domain naming space in the next few month’s and years to come, that’s for sure.

Schilling informed DNN that Uniregistry is the registrants friend — that is how his new venture can best be summarized. In his 12 years of being involved with the domain business, he’s never heard a registry talk with love for their real clients; the registrants. Now, that’s all about to change.

Frank Schilling

According to Schilling, it’s always been about milking sunrise periods for profit, playing the fear card (get it before a squatter does) if you’re a new domain space; or raising prices to bleed registrants if you’re an incumbent. He tells us “When we’re successful, this new registry will keep the well being of its registrants and the string they thrive in – above all else.”

Uniregistry is dedicated to supporting the prosperity of it’s domain registrants through the responsible and proficient stewardship of the internet’s best top-level domain alternatives. The company imagines an intuitive and reliable experience across the internet for both site users and site creators; equal access to unique, meaningful domain names; and world-class infrastructure for all businesses and individuals.

According to their website, Uniregistry has assembled a team of around 30 people already including industry veterans Vern Jurovich, Bret Fausett and John Berryhill, just to name a few. Schilling went on to say:

“We’re probably the best funded of the applicants on our target string basis. We’re completely un-leveraged… And no investor in this space has a longer payback horizon than I do. There are no PE guys behind the curtain waiting for a 10 banger. We’re in this for the right reasons; to serve… And we’re in it for the long haul.

This is the beginning of a slow evolution and there will be opportunity for all sorts of registrants, name entrepreneurs, investors and mom/pops to participate. This window opening is a good thing… It’s a clean sheet launch. It forces us all to get off the couch and get back to work, to live and embrace the industry which brought us prosperity. I’m excited.”

According to the company’s website, all of their services are centered on the needs of registrants. They will go to great lengths to create an easy and enjoyable user experience from name purchase to going live. Everything is taken care of behind the scenes by their robust systems and dedicated team of domain experts.

Below are some highlights from the registry’s products overview which provide a glimpse into what may immediately set them apart from everybody else:

Pricing Structure

Uniregistry does not believe that registry fees should rise when the costs of other technology services have uniformly trended downward. The company plans to maintain fair, non-preferential pricing practices that fully embody their culture of service.

Registrants will benefit from an affordable, flat pricing structure that is predictable and transparent across all Uniregistry gTLDs. Renewal costs will be fixed, with no material price increases for the first five years.

Registrant Experience

Uniregistry plans to improve the registration and ownership experience for domain name registrants. Here are some examples that speak to our registrant-centered approach:

  • A no-charge, 180 day freeze on expiring domain names to allow recovery of accidentally expired names.
  • A WHOIS system of unparalleled reliability and accuracy, with an innovative two-way look-up service to protect and inform registrants and the public.
  • A single point of contact for abuse reporting and a suite of abuse prevention, investigation, and response tools, including participation in ISC’s Security Information Exchange for law-enforcement.
  • Flat-rate, affordable pricing with a commitment not to raise registry prices above the cost of inflation for the first five years after launch.

Promotion of new gTLD’s

Uniregistry strives to bring value to both Internet users and website owners. The planned gTLDs have been carefully selected because of their inherent relevance to the way the people browse and search the Internet. Uniregistry believes that there is a demand for these domains based on their years of experience in Internet-search and the naming industry.

Uniregistry plans to use directory services, traffic-generation toolkits, and search-related functionality to promote their gTLDs and the companies and individuals that choose to register a domain name with us.

Uniregistry has a unique relationship with a large network of sites that market domain names in existing TLDs. We will leverage that relationship to increase awareness of our gTLDs – providing them with instant visibility across some of the Internet’s most engaged users.

The company hasn’t announced yet how many new gTLD’s they have applied for with ICANN under the new generic top level domain program, but as more details become available over the next few days, we will be sure to release those. According to the Uniregistry website, they plan to announce all the details on June 13th, ICANN’s big reveal deal. We will learn of about 1,900+ applicants and strings on Wednesday.

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