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Curt Schilling Files UDRP on Matching Domain

January 5th, 2017 Comments off

Boston pitching legend Curt Schilling has filed a UDRP on his Matching .Com domain name Mr. Schilling has also spoken about political ambitions running for Senator against Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts’ 2018 Senate race. It appears the domain names has been owned by  third parties since at least 2002. The domain name […]

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WIPO UDRP Filings up 4.6% in 2015

March 18th, 2016 Comments off

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) “cybersquatting claims” by just 4.6% last year In 2015, 2,754 Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) claims were filed, a 4.6% increase on the number in 2014. New gTLDs accounted for 10.5% of the number UDRP’s filed. The New gTLDs .xyz, .club and .email were among […]

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1st Reverse Domain Hijacking Finding of The Year & Bretzel Ditsch GmbH Of Germany is Guilty

January 4th, 2016 Comments off

Bretzel Ditsch GmbH from Mainz, Germany, represented by Horak Attorneys, Germany was found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking on the domain name which was registered on June 28, 1998. To the best of our knowledge this is the first RDNH finding of 2016 (although the decision was entered on December 24th but just […]

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Frank Schilling’s Name Administration Wins Another UDRP on 16 Year Old

November 3rd, 2015 Comments off

Frank Schilling’s Name Administration Inc represented as usually by John Berryhill, Ph.D, Esq., has won another UDRP this time on the domain name which was registered on September 28, 1999. “Torneo” is the common Spanish and Italian word for “tournament” The UDRP was filed by Sport and Fashion Management PTE. LTD. of Moscow, Russian […]

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2014 Final UDRP Stats From WIPO & NAF: 0.003% of All Domains Subject to A UDRP/URS

October 16th, 2015 Comments off
This week the WIPO published it stats for the cases it determine under Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”)  in 2014. Back in September the other major organization that hears UDRP and the only one to decide cases filed under the Uniform Rapid Suspension System (“URS”) the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) announced their stats […]

WIPO Publishes 2014 UDRP Figures & 2015 YTD: 14% of WIPO’s 2015 Cases Are New gTLD’s

October 13th, 2015 Comments off
WIPO released it annual report yesterday for 2014 and Year to Date numbers through September 2015. Cases filed ins 2014 were up only 2% from 2013,  with 2,634 cases being lodged by trademarks owners claiming abuse of their mark. Country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) – accounted for 13% of all filings in 2014 with 71 national […]

Apple Inc. Wins and In UDRP

June 1st, 2015 Comments off
Apple Inc. has now won two domain names in separate UDRP cases. The first one was the domain name in a case that was terminated and the second and latest was which was ruled upon.

As Many As 5K .Com’s Taken Away By Sealed Court Order By Verisign Including Some Of Mine

October 2nd, 2014 Comments off
Overnight I received a notice that several domain names I owned were transferred by a sealed court from Verisign without notice and of course without the court order. The domain names just were transferred by Verisign to another domain and are now listed for sale at another marketplace. Another domainer sent me an identical notice […]

Vertical Axis Holds on to after complainant is denied in UDRP

February 21st, 2014 Comments off

In a 3 panelist ruling Vertical Axis holds on to but there is no finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking.

1. The Parties

1.1 The Complainants are Grupo Costamex, S.A. de C.V. (“Costamex”) of Mexico City, Mexico and Operación y Supervisión de Hoteles, S.A. de C.V. (“Opyssa”) of Cancun, Mexico, represented internally.

1.2 The Respondent is Vertical Axis Inc. of Barbados, represented by PC, United States of America.

Factual Background

4.1 The Complainants are part of the same group of companies and conduct business in the tourism sector. One of the Complainants, Costamex, is the parent company in this group. The Complainants’ business began in Mexico in 1984.

4.2 The Complainants’ revenues in 2010 were USD 222 million and they have 30 sales offices around the world. Their customer base comes from a large number of countries but is primarily from the North American continent.

4.3 The Complainants’ business first used the “Park Royal” brand in relation to its hotels in 1989. “Park Royal” hotels have subsequently been opened in various places in Mexico and Puerto Rico. The Complainants’ group of companies has been part of the RCI affiliation program since 1999, which has resulted in its Park Royal hotels being promoted among the RCI’s 3.7 million members around the world.

4.4 The Complainants also promote their business from a website operating from the url “”.

4.5 One of the Complainants, Costamex, is the owner of various trade marks that comprise of or incorporate the term “Park Royal” in one form or another in Mexico, the United States and Puerto Rico. Those marks include:

(i) Mexican registered trade mark no. 669695 for the word mark PARKROYAL in class 42 with a filing date of May 6, 1998. This is the earliest registered trade mark relied upon.

(ii) United States registered trade mark no. 3146797 for the word mark PARK ROYAL in class 39.

4.6 The Respondent is a well-known dealer and speculator in domain names. A company with the name Vertical Axis Inc. was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in January 2002, but this would appear to be the predecessor in business to the Respondent, which is incorporated in Barbados with company no. 24264. Although it is registered in Barbados and two of its directors give addresses in Barbados, its third director, Mr. Ham, has an address in Vancouver, Canada.…

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12 Year Old Dictionary Word, Domain Name, Saved In UDRP

August 24th, 2013 Comments off

Parlance Corporation lost a UDRP against on the domain name

Of course the domain name is also a dictionary word and the panel found  “the Complaint fails to establish either bad-faith registration or bad-faith use” so the panel should have found Reverse Domain Name Hijacking but didn’t even discuss the issue.

Here are the relevant findings by the one member panel:

The Complainant alleged that it owns A registered trademark PARLANCE and has used it since at least 1996 for its business, which is the provision of telephone operator services using speech recognition technology.

The mark was registered in June 1999.

The domain name was registered in August 2001, some 12 years ago but the panel also did not discuss the delay in bringing the proceeding either.

I think it was a lazy decision but a no brainier for the domain holder

“The Complainant alleges that the Respondent registered and is using the disputed domain name in bad faith because it is in the business of buying and selling domain names. 

“The Respondent owns over 5000 domain names and it replied to an email from Complainant with an offer to acquire the disputed domain name, stating that the Complainant is not eligible to acquire or purchase the domain name (apparently the Respondent only sells domain names to entities that acquired a related mark after the domain name was registered)

“The Respondent states that it registered the disputed domain name for its own business use immediately upon abandonment by the prior registrant. 

The Respondent executes name conception, logos and brand graphics, trademark research, and promotional copy for new start-ups and for corporations. 

Founded in Silicon Valley and based there until 2005, the Respondent holds, and manages for clients, generic and coined domains from and for use in its business. 

There are hundreds of companies in the US alone which offer the service of coining and locating names which are viable for a new mark use. Ideally the name proffered has an obtainable intuitive dotcom. The service is neither novel nor obscure, with demand over the past 20 years increasing alongside the growth of the internet.

“As the Respondent correctly points out, there is case law under the Policy to the effect that a business dealing in generic domain names is prima facie legitimate.

“As a result, it does have a legitimate interest in the domain name.

Since “parlance” is a word in the English language, and the Respondent is in the business of registering domain names composed of common words, the Panel holds that the Complainant has failed to satisfy its burden of proving that the Respondent lacks rights or legitimate interests.…

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