Posts Tagged ‘search engine’ introduces new gTLD Discovery Labs; a wealth of new top-level domain applicants data is readily available

June 13th, 2012 Comments off

Ottawa based has just announced the launch of a specialized search and filter tool of the new gTLDs database which was unveiled earlier today. The search tool helps to make sense of newly released ICANN data for applicants, media and the general worldwide audience. Richard Schreier, CEO of said:

“This is an extremely powerful tool. You often don’t know what will be revealed until you play with a tool like this. Whatever interesting information you come across, users will have the ability to promote their findings by book marking their URL and sharing it.”

Discovery Labs from POOL.COM is a tool to help the world understand who the applicants are and what the expansion of the Internet means to them. Users will be able to organize data cohesively and comprehensibly providing the ability to gain clearer insight. It’s an invaluable tool for applicants, the media and those with a general interest in the process of the Internet’s expansion. New gTLD's

With cross-indexes of almost every publicly available piece of new gTLD information, using Discovery Labs means unparalleled knowledge and a better understanding of the process. Users can operate the tool with the confidence of knowing it has originated from the source, ICANN’s officially released information.

For Applicants — Applicants will be able to easily see key information, made public by ICANN, that is most important to their efforts. This includes who else is applying for the same string, what other applications are close enough for contention and who is behind them.

For Media — For those trying to make sense of what all the newly released information means and what the bigger story is, media will be able to look at things like Top 10 countries by number of applications, top 5 companies by number of applications, most sought after languages, top IDN’s, top Brands and applicant contact information for interview requests.

Mr. Schreier wrapped things up by saying: “All details of the applications are here and we will be keeping it up-to-date with batching, objections and status changes, such as withdrawals.” This new search engine/database is a welcome addition, not a moment too soon and it will be used by many, for sure.

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Prebuilt Adds Search Engine Stats and Graphs

July 7th, 2010 No comments has added to its search engine information by adding additional stats and graphs.

On the new stats page, users can now see:

  • Current Pagerank, Alexa Rank, and Compete Rank
  • Historical Pagerank, Alexa Rank, and Compete Rank
  • Original Stats: Uniques and Hits over certain time periods
  • Backlinks according to: Alexa, Altavista, Ask, Bing, Google, and Yahoo
  • Number of times the site has been crawled, by which search engine, and a graph breaking down each
  • Which search engines found the site and how many times
  • Keywords used to find the website, the number of occurrences, and a graph representing the breakdown
  • Historical searches performed that resulted a visit to the site

Prebuilt is still operating under beta, but accepting qualified domainers as users.  Join today for free: